Homemade kief catcher

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Patchy, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. So, I'm looking to make a homemade kief catching thing.
    Probably wont be a box, probably be just very simple.

    I was wondering, as the sieve/mesh bit, could I use some cheesecloth fabric? I have an extremely thin, extremely airy (It's slightly see-through) cheesecloth shirt, could I use a square of this?

  2. No you i don't thing very much keif would make it through and you'd lose a lot on the cloth. Just go to a hardware store and see if they have any really fine mesh. Or look for a metal kitchen strainer with really fine mesh.
  3. Pantyhose will work strech it some and the small holes can filter kief.
  4. I guess this defeats the purpose of inexpensive and DIY but...

    Have you considered using the bubble bags / screens of varying microns and layering them? The theory being that they will separate the kief and plant matter as you move further down, giving you differing "qualities". Would this even work? Or should I just go have another coffee? Haha
  5. youd need to grind up a shitload of weed to make that worthwhile
  6. I'd just get a decent grinder
  7. If it inspires you I use a transparent plastic box.
    You put the grinded up stuff there and shake and the walls get covered with resin.

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