Homemade hotsauce and my garden <3

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  1. so i harvested a handfull of 6 inch + green hot peppers and have begun making hotsauces.
    i made 2 different ones,
    if anyones interested in this, ill be posting recipes and and pics of the garden and harvests of my veggies from this year.
    gotta start winter crop soon.
    peace all:bongin:
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  2. I worship hotsauce as well man, good luck with everything. Post the outcome
  3. just made a red sauce
    with red jalapenos, small red hot cherry bell peppers, some long red peppers and some not hot but sweet finger shaped chile peppers.
    just some garlic, salt, coriander seed, and vinegar hmmmm :)

    thanks man
  4. sorry for the pic less thread start...my bad
    here is what i made 2 hot sauces with, and the obligatory commonly used hotel pen for comparison.

    recipes soon.
  5. sweet bud, my dad grows hot peppers too! that looks sick man +rep for sure!
  6. my favorite hot sauce i made was the tequila one.
    i cut up a few of those long peppers and some garlic and threw them into a saute pan with some olive oil and a little bit of tequila, and also some dried minced onion
    as it cooked and heated up i added some vinegar and more tequila
    i added alot of tequila btw....a loot.
    well after that, i let it cool off just some, and put it in a processor and poured more vinegar and More tequila hahaha, and the salt and pepper.
    processed and jarred it. Shit is FIRE as fuck maan
  7. Words of great Cheff D******

    "If you can put cheese on it, you can put hot sauce on it."
  8. care to post some of your recipes? i want to get into making my own
  9. Those long peppers are not ripe yet. Let them turn bright red before picking them. They look like Texas Long Horn Cayenne to me. Makes a good hot sauce, especially if you use red wine vinegar, and a little kosher salt. I make a Tabasco sauce that destroys the one in the stores.
  10. ah yes, well the longer i let them sit they turned into mushy darkish red peppers some are pictured above actually ^^^
    so i picked them while green. Plus they were easy to come off the branch, so they werent quit ripe, but they were ready to be picked at least.
    weve got lots of jalapenos coming out the woodwork so ill be making some more sauces
    ive got little red chilis drying out in a jar rite now also, im going to post a hot curry chili sauce up
    ill put some recipes up later today if i have the time to do it. very simple in fact.
  11. just canned a bunch of different shit earlier too you guys,
    heres one for you..
    sorry, no measurements, just imagine and adjust your self.
    -oil, apple cider vinegar in a saute pan turned on lowish medium
    -throw some fresh garlic in
    -cut and de-seed some hot peppers(your choice i guess, i used little red chilis for this one)and throw them in
    -minced purple shallots, like small ones. look like red onions
    -fresh lemon juice squeezed from a lemon
    -ground coriander seed
    -curry powder
    -little soy sauce
    -some sake
    -white sugar

    just saute that for a minute till the peppers are soft, not too soft though
    then i processed it all after that, added alittle distilled vinegar to it to lighten it up some.
    ok heres where you can either continue and elaborate ooooorrr
    just stop here, and can your 'pepper sauce' for future use. your choice.
    heres what i did though haha
    i took what i processed and slabbed it on a screen, like a strainer screen and just mashed it over and over untill a thick liquid with nothing in it was left in the bowl under the strainer.
    do what you want with the left overs, but store the 'hotsauce' or use then.

    if anyone tries it out, lemme know how it turned out?
    happy travels, peeaacce
  12. if ya'll love this hotsauce I have a hot salsa recipe for you..
    just let me know and it will be posted.

    I LOVE NACHOS AND SALSA!!:devious:
  13. SALSA

    10 over ripe tomatoes

    boil for approx. 5 mins. until skins are soft,
    put in cold water, deskin tomatoes & core,
    chop ( or put in food processor if you don't
    like chunk tomatoes)

    6 - cloves or garlic minced
    3 - med. onions finely chopped
    1 tsp - dried oregano, basil and parsley (of each)
    1/3 cup - white sugar
    2 tbsp - pickling salt & ketchup (of each)
    1 - sweet green pepper or color of choice
    2/3 cup - vinegar
    5-7 - jalapeno peppers finely chopped
    1 - small can of tomatoe paste

    cook it up for 30-40 minutes to thicken
    (add 1-2 tbsp. of cornstarch into cold water (2tbsp. of water per tbsp. of cornstarch) and add to salsa if not thick enough)

    put into jars for 5-7 mins. and ENJOY!


    process in the oven in a pan with 1/4" water at 200 degrees for 30 mins. and ENJOY!

    My last batch made me 6 mason jars (some bigger/smaller than others)
    Also never tried it warm yet, always let it chill in the fridge for a good 12 hours.
    I have yet to process it in the oven and don't recon I ever will.
    What I like the most is it's up to YOU how spicey you want it.
    experiment a bit eh,

  14. Hot oil recipe
    Dryed chilies of your choise I used habinero the more you add the hotter it will be
    Sesame oil enough to suspend the peper
    First grind the chilis in a coffe grinder then mix it with the oil and put it in the fridge for a few days
  15. has any one tried to make a medicated hot sauce yet?
  16. keep em coming,
    i like it spicey!


  17. You could mix in some hash oil
  18. the "hot oil" recipe seems like it would be an easy one to get medicated off of.
    just add a bit more oil for the herb to soak in.


    you could pre mix oil and herb in a pan and heat it up (if you're worried about activating the THC, not 100% sure sesame will work) then remove from pan and mix in the chilis and bam, get medicated. letting it chill in z fridge wouldn't hurt it eh

    I am just guessing on this (never tried it) i mostly wanted to


    this thread.
  19. you would just have to shake well, or stir well before using it
    oil will seperate from teh vinegar and float to the top.
    If you do have a good batch of oil or EVEN Greem dragon would be fucking awesome!!
    green dragon hot sauce, holy tits!!
    anyway, good batch of w/e and you mix it after you cook and process shit, maybe before you process idk, fuck man,..mix it,

    few drops fuck you up and is hot as shit.=win/.
  20. Wow dude. This is fucking awesome. Time for me to try, I can make a good pasta sauce from scratch. So I need to try this out.

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