homemade contest: kannabiskid vs. dmoe420

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by kannabiskid, Feb 16, 2009.

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    me and my friend decided to have a contest to see who could make the best bong tonight.

    i made this in about 15 minutes. i have no nug but it holds water really well and the slide works great

    12" tall
    6 arm tree perc
    diffused down stem

    we'll let you guys decide who won.
  2. don't vote until he gets his picture up....

    if anyone thinks they can beat me, post a picture
  3. cool idea! I havent voted yet, but that first one look pretty nest:hello:
  4. This is what happens when you let 13 year old stoners on forums.
  5. fuck off bro
  6. haha dude 2 people already voted against you and the other guys isnt even up yet
  7. I remember these days. They were exciting. Pickups were scarce, an eighth lasted a month, and even a little got you giddy as hell.
  8. did your buddy bail out or what????
  9. Wheres your friends bong? Gotta see the competition
  10. ^^Lol hes already losing by ten^^
  11. Man i wish i had a camera my homemade would blow yours out the fucking water.

    I stole a graduated cylinder and some tubing from my science lab at school
    used a torch to melt a hole in the side and shoved the tubing down in it and put a nice bowl on that .

    its airtight and hits pretty damn hard.

    its been though its fair share of party circles.

    on downside is that its acrylic and hard as fuck to clean.
  12. Your friend doesn't even need to post man. He already is destroying you....
  13. haha. You were just asking for it by creating this thread wihout your buddies pictures...
  14. Silly kids need to learn that sometimes less is more, Just look at my favorite homemade. I call it the goblin king. Single chamber, marble diffused, no fancy percs. Rips like a champ.


  15. usually if someone has a homemade i wont want to use it, but that thing is awesome.
  16. Well thank you. Bonus points if anyone else gets why its called goblin king
  17. What does your homemade bong look like?

    shit wont let me post my pics because their in another thread. scroll down until u see my name. also, i made one a few days ago thats a shit ton better than those but havnt gotten been able to take a pic yet

  18. yeah thats a slick one!!
  19. Nice bong Glork :bongin:
  20. Stop Assuming wut u don't kno... :wave:

    Op- Looks pretty sick! Can't wait 2 c it milked!

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