Homemade/Cheap Smoking Utensils.

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  1. Hey guys describe the coolest/ghettoest homemade way you have ever gotten high. Let's not talk about our nice pipes and bongs, lets hear about your cheap and intuitive ways you've blazed.
  2. my first handmade pipe was made out of a venom energy drink can really thick aluminium i drilled a whole in the cap and more or less sliced/ drilled through the side and inside out folded some metal from a soda can with a wierd cologne cap thing for the bowl then punched holes through the tin, the thing hit like a champ and looked really well made but i scaped it and invested in some glass when i found out about aluminum :rolleyes:
    iv made other pieces too but as far homemade pipes go that thing was legendary haha
  3. ha ha that's awesome man. Usually I just make pipes out of 20z soda bottles. That easy you just need a bowl, we usually made ours out of fittings for socket wrenches. Melt a hole in the top and side, use the top one for your bowl and then tape it sealed. The ghettoest thing I have ever made is a pen pipe. I hollowed out a bic pen and then put the tip in a socket fitting and duct taped it shut. Then I made a screen out of a piece of my window screen. It was the shittiest thing ever and hit really harsh. Also was a total eyesore. But it got the job done!
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyMdqbFYFK0]YouTube - How To Easily Make A Bong![/ame]

    my video lol
    this is what i make
  5. Ha ha that's a sweet video man. Looks pretty simple, may have to try it.
  6. sweet video, but why do you put the pen in there?? 0.o
  7. this would have to be, by far the most ghetto way i smoked. May take awhile to describe.

    So i go over to my buddys house to smoke and he whips out this fucking crazy looking bong, and after we toke i ask him how he made it, this is how.

    He took 3 glass jars and their tops. Drilled a hole in each of the three tops for the tubes to go through. In the first jar he had his bowl and an extra hole drilled in for a carb. For the tubes, he used an empty crayola tube, with slits cut in it to make it bendable. To make those tubes air tight he taped elecrtical tape around them. He did that for three jars and the mouthpiece was an empty crayola tube. Man that thing looked fucking neeto as hell
  8. I had a friend who made a GB out of one of those giant animal cracker containers. had a pencil tube in it as the mouth piece to make it easier to hit lol
  9. mmustve never used a bomg b4 thats so the smoke goes thru the water to cool forget wat the actual piece is called tho not dure but i thinkits called a joint? :smoke:

  10. that way the smoke gets filtered through the water
  11. nvmlolololol

  12. i know that.... but the pen didnt seem hollow, and didnt look like it touched the water which is why i asked
  13. I`ve used a few weird little contraptions in my time all made by my buddy`s older brother.

    We have used this thing called a "Third Lung". For those of you who don`t know what this is: You cut a two little bottle of pop in half. Tape a plastic bag around the bottom (making sure it`s air tight). On the cap you make a hole and use a little socket wrench fitting. You put the weed in the bowl. Light and slowly pull the bag down until it`s full of smoke. Unscrew the cap and take a big hit.

    We`ve also used something called a "Gravity Bong". If you don`t know what this is either: You cut the two litre in half yet again. Then you get a bucket half full of water. You make the fitting in the cap once again. Then you unscrew after the smoke is full. You go down with the two litre into the water as you suck in.

    Lastly, the homemade hookah. My buddy`s brother got a 4L of Sunny D and put two metal, flexible tubing on each side. We fixed the cap as we would with a Third Lung, Gravity Bong, etc. Lit up and took a toke. Fuck did that ever destroy me! It went down sooooo smoothly I thought I was breathing.

    And that, my friends, are the odd contraptions I have taken part in.
  14. i made a homeade bong out of a soda bottle and a hitter. i put a hole in the side of it and push the hitter through at an angle. i filled it with water just enough to get the hitter in the water. then just load your hitter and use the mouth of the bottle to suck through, worked great. got me hella high and conserved weed cuz it was just a hitter at a time.:bongin:
  15. Alright lol, this is slightly embarrassing. Me and my brother were at our parents house one day and we had no smoking utensils with us and no bottles big enough for a gravity bong. I ended up (in desperation) beating the shit out of a tire pressure gauge until I got the metal tube part. From there, I sliced the the tip and bent it to make it smaller, then I jammed a socket on the end. It got us higher than a motherfucker though. I remember it was sitting in my room for about a week afterwards and smelled extremely strong.
  16. I used one of those lime juice containers, cut the top off where that little hole for juice is, so now the ends a little fatter.. then burned 2 holes in the plastic, which only made it soft then used a knife to finish off the 2 holes. 1 hole for the carb, other for a drillbit, being the bowl. Most creative thing ive ever done.. Those were the days:cool:
  17. All I use is my lightbulb vape, saves me so much money. I got high like 5 times off a 10-sack, and got my friend high once too :smoke:
  18. I found this vitamin water knock-off at Publix and it's in a cylindical bottle. I made a waterfall (bong?) I have no idea what it is called really, I know I've heard the waterfall term before. I did pretty much the same thing as in that video except the hole was in the bottom and I let the water drain out which draws the smoke. Hits pretty well. I had a cheap acrylic bong from a flea market but it broke, so I made that to use currently now. It also made me want a glass one with a proper downstem and bowl. They should make them. Waterfall things, I mean, I know they have glass bongs.
  19. Ha ha hearing all these stories reverts me to the high school days of using whatever was in the garage as a once and done pipe.... ah the memories..

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