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Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by thespecialscent, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. what can i use to make a bowl piece or downstem for a bong???
    help is apreciated
  2. You can use the ghetto way. A Bic pen tube and a soda cap with a wrench socket.
  3. naw i want it to look good
  4. I'm sure you could go by an arts and crafts or pottery store. They'd probably have something.
  5. yeah probably
    i saw something about using a garden hose?
    what do you put on the inside of the tip?
  6. Why don't you just go buy a bowl it would be totally worth it
  7. just get a small socket enough to fit like 1-3 good hits then put it in the end of a metal pen tube and put electric tape connecting the socket to the tube then if you want put it in like a Gatorade bottle or a smart water bottle and you got yourself a bong or just a pipe/one hitter not really anything nice looking i can think of to make a smoking device out of besides like an apple or maybe even a cucumber
  8. maybe i should
    how much are they?
    how much is just a decent bong?

  9. Depends on the quality of the glass n stuff. Cheap bowls around here are 5-15 dollars and nicer ones can get upto like 50. I don't have that great of a selection though. I got a pretty alright bong for 50 bucks and the cheapest GonG I can pick up is 75. Just go check out a local headshop.

  10. screen?
  11. I bought a pretty legit cheapo glass bong for 20$ and i picked up an extra bowl piece for 3$ so i could make safe homemades. Both were well worth it. I would recommend investing in a bowl piece or a cheap bong.
  12. thats kool
    i just want something that hits good
    i dont really care about looks

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