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Homemade bowl/slide: harmful?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by superpepperonies, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I attached one of those metallic springy things onto a plastic bowl-esque item I found in the garage. I stuck a pen through both so I could put it into a makeshift water bottle bong. Will the pen burn and harm my lungs, how many times can I use it until I've got to throw it away?

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  2. Throw that shit away right now before you kill yourself

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  3. Yes, the pen will burn. You will inhale toxic smoke, and if you continue to use that piece you will develop respiratory issues. The piece cannot be used 'safely' even once. Throw it away and start over with all metal parts (no aluminum).
  4. So it's just the pen I need to throw away?

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  5. The bowl is made out of plastic man!

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    at least you were smart enough to ask before smoking out of that...

    1) the coil spring wont be airtight so it wont work anyways

    2) the whole thing is toxic once heat travels through it

    3) your inhaling a direct flame from the bowl to your mouth. your design isnt even safely usable.

    seriously, throw it away. ever heard of papers? ask around

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    Here man, if you need a bowl just take a socket and the top metal part of an old lighter and jam the metal part into the socket. All metal, no plastic.

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  8. I would probably just start over with new materials if you can. The plumbing section of any home improvement store should have everything you need to create a lasting piece for under $5. Hell, you can even make a steam roller with some PVC pipe and a couple brass pipe fittings. Also look into the metal hose nozzles if you are needing metal parts.
  9. Thanks a tonne guys, thank fuck I asked before smoking from it haha. I'm a bit of a weed newbie ;)

    Can I use this to stop the ganja from falling through the bowl?

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  10. This reminds me of the very first time I rolled a join a long long time ago, I used normal paper and fucking through up on the first riff (wasn't my first time smoking, long time ago, don't hate)
    That's what this reminds me off, all it's going to give you is a wicked cough, permanently, from inhaling plastic 

    Side note: you realize you could probably get a real piece for cheaper than the stuff you are using. Like you can get a cheap piece for under ten bucks, easy. 

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