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    i just posted this thread so you guys could post pics of your homemade bongs, pipes, and hookahs. id love to see em so i could get ideas for making more. post pics if you'd like :smoke:
  2. This is my mini dry one hit bong I made in grade 11. It was just the skull until I converted it to the bong 5 days ago.

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  3. thats pretty kewl mang. does it work good??
  4. I'm using it right now and hits great
  5. awesome. i was watchin this vid of this guy who made one out of a glass skull liqour bottle and its sick. i wanna make a glass bong really bad.
  6. That's sick and you can just get a diamond tip drill bit drill your holes done
  7. i can drill the holes no problem. i just need to find something to make the bong out of haha
  8. Look at second hand stores they got some neat bottles, jars, and vases or any stores that sell glassware
  9. hmmm. i think i will do that.

  10. Grand Marnier bottles work incredibly well thanks to the flat wax covered portion. This is the best place to drill as it makes perfect spot for the downstem.

  11. thats awesome. ive never that of that lol the small ones of big ones?
  12. Both work! I made a sick little mini bong that hit so hard and so quick.
  13. Sick lil piece i made today, hits bomb as fuckk


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