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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to make this glass bottle into a homemade bong, I think it would be bad ass...however, I have never made a bong before and I dont want to shatter the glass. I want to make a bong to be proud of, so any suggestions for technique or design would be awesome!


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  2. Get a dremel drill and diamond tip for it. Then drill into the glass slowly with water running on it. Go slow and be gentle.
  3. I wouldn't recommend it, so I suppose it's hardly helpful, but I tried making a hole for a down tube in a glass bottle by putting a pebble in it, spinning it around to get some velocity or some shit, then thrusting it forwards so that the pebble bursts out, creating a hole. Did not enjoy much success
    You actually thought that would work...?
  5. It was one in a series of different strategies, and more of an act of desperation than hope. Me and a couple friends had a six pack of glass j2O bottles, all of the methods failed and had to spend ages scouring the floor for broken glass. It was a long time ago, I've never really thought about it until now but yeah in retrospect it wasn't ever likely to be a successful venture
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  6. Hahahagaga
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