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Homemade Bong? Like or no??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420skils, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. I have made a few homemade bongs, I like most of them more then glass bongs. One the dont break that easy and you can make them look how you much cheaper.

    Do you like the homemades?
  2. hell yes..i looove homemade bongs...i dont know why..i guess its cuz i make them and have something to be proud of...i call mine (with a lil help of elementxero and kronosX) "the telemagikal squeal flute, Fillibuster Jenkins"...but you can call him Daddy Green Jeans...anyway..yeah..i like home made bongs.....dont smoke aluminum
  3. I like being creative and using random stuff to make bongs...and I love to see and use (of course!) other peoples homemade bongs.

    While at school, on campus we had a lot of stoners in the apt. complex i lived in and maybe once a week someone had a new contraption to smoke outta. It was really fun and neat to see what people came up with.

  4. homemade is way more fun, but typically a PITA to make it as good as a retail.
  5. yeah i like making the quick bottle pipe, using foil over the mouthpeice and burning a hole in the side to hit it. If you put a release on one of those it will hit better than most regular pipes.
  6. i like homemade bongs that people put time and thought into, ones made out of pop bottles are ok but i've seen some nice homemade pieces. I've sold a few of my homemade bongs that i wish i still had.
  7. homemades show creativity, and in my case, desparacy
  8. NOOOOOOOO...aluminum foil bad!!!! day i will explain in lengthy detail exactly what i felt...and what i feel now...but..just take my word for it..fillibuster and i are crusading against aluminum...pleaaase for stoners sake..say no to aluminimininiminimuninum
  9. aluminum is ok as long as it isn't used for long. then it gives off harmful fumes. so do not use it for to long.
  10. aluminum bad

    bad bad bad
  11. dammit kids, dont use alumuinum. dont ask why just dont use it. it will give u alzheimers. for real. dont use aluminum. be cool. smoke bud.
  12. i loove homemades. im using one right now actually! it is a single chamber bong with an ash catcher, slider, and ice pinch made out of a HUGE wrench socket for a bowl, pvc pipe for downstems, rigged soda bottle for ash catcher, another soda bottle fore main chamber, and a half cut bottle for ice pinch (the ice pinch works by being taped upside-down to the main chamber bottle). It works great!
  13. SMIRNOFF home made :D
    Just finished it up this morning, the down stem is diffused ( 5 holes) and the smoke does twist.

  14. Homemade is generally not great...
    Why throw your weed you spent plenty of money on, in something made from plastic, and superglue?
    If you can blow glass, then hell yea, i'd make my own pieces all the time, but that doesnt quite count.
  15. You guys really need to smoke out of a real bong *****s, glass on glass from online or a smoke shop.. I remember when I would always make them but that is when I was a noob.. Don't be a noob, buy a glass bong bro!!!
  16. I'm really not about homemade bongs. I made them A LOT back when I first started smoking (I'd much rather have weed and nothing to smoke it in than something to smoke it in and no weed) and did that for at least a year or two. But I definitely don't mind them.
  17. I'm planning on making a homemade bong out of glass this summer. I'm buying a glass drill and using some cool looking alcohol bottle. Not sure what i'm gonna use as a bowl/ downstem, but it should be fun. Smoking out of your own creation has a certain reward to it, as long as it's not just a gatorade bottle with a tin foil bowl

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