Homemade Bong Construction

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by yoyoman305dade, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Okay so heres the situation.
    The super bowl starts in around 6 hours and I have a bit of weed. The only problem being all I have is a shitty water-bottle/peice to smoke with.

    Anyone wanna give me advice on what I could construct before 6:30 est to get me better rips.
  2. I'd search youtube for in-depth step by step instructions man
  3. All I find on that shit is 12 year olds saying: "u fold the tin foil like dis"

    I'm just gonna try to seal my shit bong better.
  4. Search For Kalec's old thread on construction nice complicated but easy percs for your plastic bong. should give you plenty of time to make and smoke out of something half decent by then.
  5. have you thought about making a gravity bong? like what kind of peice are we talking here?
  6. Deffo go for the gravity bong man, will get u ripped in no time and dead easy to make :smoke:
  7. I got a metal piece about 6 inches with a bowl. I was thinking grav bong but i've never done one before so I dont wanna fuck up and waste my weed. I'll search up that thread.
  8. Roll a blunt...

  9. suck my dick.
    I only got a bit of bud left and im inside watching the super bowl w/ relatives upstairs. blunt wouldnt work
  10. Get a hot glue gun for sealing everything.
    Use a heated up (until red with a lighter) paperclip or screw driver type thing to burn the holes.

    If you can't make something totally awesome with those two steps, than sorry you just don't got it (creativity).
  11. Honestly just use a can. But making a grav would be the best. All you need is a bottle, knife, and a socket.
  12. ye just make a gravity bong theres good tuts on youtube and stuff just check it out
  13. Fuck water bottle bong, make a Gravity :) You won't regret it.

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