homemade bloom box......

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  1. i need some help with a couple things before i build this mother before mid april

    i plan on making a homemade "bloom box" so i can move around a grow box as one piece and so i can put it in my attic for concealment becuase just incase of snoopy friends family etc..
    it will be around 30" wide x 30" long x 40" tall
    and i plan on using plastic storage totes and cutting them few to size with a jigsaw and then liquid nails them together to make the box like shape lol....i will install 2 cpu cooling fans for intake and exhaust (top right side and opposite wall bottom left side) that are rated at 119cfm each ...and put dimmer switches on them to control the speed before the ac plug i need to splice in.....then paint the inside matte white for max light reflection and use 3m spray glue and line the walls with mylar leaving the floor and ceiling white
    and the outside flat black so its not easy to spot in the attic if someone goes up there...then i will install a dryer air duct (the things in the back of the dryers for exhaust) around the exhaust fan so i can aim the air coming out of the box to an attic duct to go outside or to a different area atleast..i will also put a carbon filter inside the tube so it doesnt get too skunky up there : )
    also i will put a small fan inside the box just to circulate air and strengthen the stalksand keep the temp down from the lights
    i will also put a therometer inside it and hang my light (s) at the top of the box
    and timers so the lights are on and the fans at the same time...then when the lights are off the fans run for about another 2-3 hrs


    anybody have any better ideas of something to use for the box then plastic storage totes???

    if i put my paintball co2 tank with my regulator inside the box to inject co2 for the plants everycouple of days would that help the plants more for photosynthseis???

    will the space be big enough if i grow 4 plants to around 30" tall before i enduce flowering???

    would these hps fixtures work better than my agrosun floroscent growbulbs i have right now???
    i have just never seen a fixture like this and not sure if its the same kind for growing



    does anybody know abour gibberllic acid? i was reading a book and i guess plants make it naturally and when given a synthetic hormone of it ...it will mkae shit huge!!!!

  2. Hey, how did this turn out? I am sorry I don't have any answers to your questions, but I am also interested in constructing a bloom box.

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