Homeless, can I live here now?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaDornta, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Alas...the entertainment forums at mj.com are gone. I find myself wandering the internet high and alone. This place looks nice...I see another fellow cheaptalker also has found his way here.

    Im 21, college student...daily smoker. Hoping to find a new home here maybe...?
  2. i have a sinking feeling I'm gonna get canned over there at cheaptalk because I simply don't agree with the move. I havent been flaming or doing anything against the rules...but they don't seem to like dissent over there. Opposing points of view taken in the devils advocate style are not apreciated, examined, and used as learning tools. I'm becoming more and more concerned with the ideology and elitist attitudes of the moderators and high-ranking people over there.
  3. Welcome to the city, both of you. :D

    Our home is your home.
  4. Welcome to the city.
  5. come in! whats your name? can i make you something?

    hash cakes perhaps?

    mmm hash cakes

  6. welcome ,take a seat and sit awhile.Only real rule here is be nice.We hope ya,all enjoy your time here.:D
  7. Hey dude, welcome to the City!

  8. Good to see yet another cheaptalk face here. Welcome!
  9. were taking over!!! lol


    hmmm loads of people are joining....
  10. strange blaze isnt staying?
  11. ooooooo
    strange_blaze is SOOOOO staying!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA */evil laughter*

    But u know what dadornta, I dont think that the mods and staff at CT are trying to be assholes (can I say asshole over here?) They are simply trying to get back to there intial intent. I do think they take the whole 'nazi' thing a little to personally tho, and with this change they wont have to deal with that anymore.
  12. Ya, I can understand the reason for the change, and I'll probably continue to read their forums; there IS still a lot of good stuff there. I just don't really agree with the change and well, I DO want my fun! That's why this site's great.
  13. Fellow Cheaptalkers.. can one of you please link me the thread that announced these changes that were being made to the CT forums and where it was being discussed if they are two separate threads?

    I just went the the forums one day and saw the whole entertainment cluster gone and no sticky note to explain the absence.

  14. Excellent (in Mr. Burn's voice)
  15. Raised Fist here, didn't get to post much at CT, but heh, still need to find a new place to crash at.

    Its a shame of what happened.

    RIP Cheaptalk.
  16. I'm...I'm here too.

    I understand what they did, makes me sad. Might as well try a new approach to get it legalized though.

    Zoltron is here too?
  17. If you build it they will come.

  18. oh and how we've built :)
    and please, do, come :D
  19. Welcome to you all! :wave: :smoking: Ya'll fit right in here! ;)

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