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Homegrown Organic Kali Mist [Pics]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by badfish, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. My dealer, who has never grown before, but is a longtime friend of some great organic growers, recently grew some Kali Mist and some Sour Diesel. My dealer learned to grow from the best grower I've ever met (well I haven't met him, but I've met his herbs), who consistently turns out the best tasting, cleanest organic bud I've ever smoked. So without further ado, here are some pictures of the Kali Mist. It is grown aeroponically (suspended in the air and misted, results in some tasty nugget: http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/1378.html) and smokes smoothly, tastes/smells great, and gets you very lifted. Enjoy.

  2. Beautiful give that man a pat on the back for me
  3. Those nugs look very tasty, though a bit on the leafy/fluffy side.
  4. looks fantastic...will be a great sativa high that's for sure:smoking:
  5. damn the nugs look good:smoking:
  6. looks good although way too fluffy
  7. What do you guys mean when you say its too fluffy? Why is that bad? It's so fluffy because it hasn't been compressed from packaging/transporting. It's not leafy at all, it is just airy. If it is indeed bad that it is fluffy, what went wrong during the growing?
  8. to me the nugs look underdeveloped but the trichs don't, probably because of the growing method
  9. You are right. I believe he had to harvest early because his grow location was no longer available. However, the trichs look very developed and I think that if anything suffered from this, it was the yield, not the dankness.
  10. Looks like some fantastic Sativa.
  11. it would be hard for me to believe that any dankness was sacrificed in growing that lol. looks like an excellent smoke +rep.
  12. i agree i think that bud looks awesome, ya'll some crackheads saying its too fluffy and leafy...
  13. It does look quite fluffy but its caked in crystals and if its weighed out it doesnt matter. Maybe a little more stem to weight ratio.
  14. well there you have it.
  15. Stems weigh virtually nothing compared to buds. That Khali Mist looks tasty, last time that came into town here it was some one hitter quitter shit, my man.
  16. stems can weigh quite a bit...
  17. not really..
  18. Hot DAM that looks tasty
  19. Looks like it goes down smooth as hell, and as my friend says, "if you would eat the nug, then it's dank", doesn't always apply but it doesn for this.
  20. if your dealer sells you stemmy ass weed, but if you got the bud part of the weed you wont get as many stems, and it wont be all leafy

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