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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Here's a two chambered bubbler that I made... It rips like a pro! The only downfall is I gotta change the bowl cause i've been hearing bad shit about aluminum.

    I love making home-made pieces. I would love to see others!

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  2. what have u heard about the alluminam because i have used it to and if its bad for me i would like to know so i can invest in some good smokeing screens
    thx man
  3. I read that it's just plain bad because the aluminum can't quite handle the heat of the lighter and you get some unhealthy vapors.

    There have been studies that connect aluminum with alzheimers.
  4. AS LONG AS YOU BURN THE FOIL BEFORE you smoke its alright. nice shit man!! im making one right now :D

    a bowl head off a bong moght work, unserew the top and screw it into the bottle cap
  5. nice!
    ill try to make one like that..gonna be hard to tho
  6. Just a piece of info about alu,
    its very heat resistant,will NOT giv off vapours at the temperatures a lighter will giv off,
    its perfectly suited for it.
    id worry bout plastics though, theyre DANGEROUS, honestly dont use em cos they WILL give off cancer causing compounds in their vapours.
    PS:: are u sure its aluminium thats related to alzheimers?thought it was magnesium?
  7. nice bong dude
  8. no way dude have you ever burned aluminum foil or aluminum screens? they give off some thick black vapors that dont look to healthy.

  9. Just do a google search for "aluminum alzheimers" and you will see.
  10. still once the black smoke is dont burning the alu. is totally safe. i think the smoke from the weed is more harmfull thhen the foil(after burned). and weed smoke is almost totally safe dude to the fact that resin doesnt cause cancer, the chems they use to grow the tobacco is radioactive.
  11. i dont think its the flame from the lighter that burns the foil enough to emit fumes, its the burning cherry because it just sits on top of the thin layer of poison metal (all purpose lol)
  12. I have 2 bowls for my hookah, so I sacraficed one for my bubbler which I have now dubbed:

    Alsheimers-free Double Bubble Swish

    Here's the updated image:

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  13. Looks well used :) Is the yellow stuff clay?
  14. It's a putty of some sort ... I got it from a friend of mine, so I'm not exactly sure. I think it's made for hanging things on the wall. It's better for homemades than clay because it's stickier.
  15. i know exactly what that stuff is. Teachers used it to hang papers and posters on the wall in school and now I have a bunch of that stuff holding posters and pictures up all over my room. I think it's called Sticky-Tac or something like that. Nice bong. I haven't been able to build a good two chamber, yet. I keep sacrificing my bottles to different purposes. I'll eventually make a BA two-chanber, then I'll start planning a three chamber.
  16. I dont have a pic bu the best looking /hitting longestr lasting homemade i made is a steamer. I used A 1.5" coper tube that was normaly used for plumbing and inserted a laauminum tubr that a 3/4 socket fit into perfect. i painted it runsoleum gloss black and splatered blue onto it and clear coated it. Then I just put in a filter (cut out hole in my window screen) Brought it to my boyz house and toked, hits were so fast and big! each bowl was about 1.5G! My old freind has it now and i trhink i traded to for somrthing but cant rember what for whatever it was it wasnt worth it :(
  17. here's a bong I made awhile ago

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