Home made pipe?

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  1. Anybody ever make their own pipe at home? Like from pottery clay? Sounds like fun but I know nothing about it.
  2. I do before with bamboo, right now I cant smoke but I can vape weed
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  3. I have made more pipes out of crazy shit than you can possibly imagine, including one out of pottery clay in 8th grade..

    IIRC it always tasted funny, the inside of it like charred/burnt, and was crappy in general because the bowl was too wide and shallow to pack so you could only really flame the weed like smoking out of a popcan..
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  4. Funny story. Make sure you wash out the inside of the bottom of the bamboo out. Friends dry smoked a bunch of dead caterpillars by accident that must of crawled inside of it overtime. They soon discovered this after using it and it was bong not a pipe.
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  5. I had one made it in highschool pottery class got chucked out the car several times got broke ip called it the tree stump got lost about 20 years ago it was a heavy hitter ;) damn got me re living my child hood lol
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  6. I don't know why they where ruff drying bonging it. The bamboo bong got left outside overnight and when they smoked the caterpillars where already dead sitting at the bottom of it.:lmafoe:
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  7. BAF668F4-147C-46CA-BA65-CA3C8120B8CD.jpeg
    Wife loves her homemade pipe
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  8. Same here. Pretty easy and comfortable to do.
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  9. LOL i would love that pipe too!
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  10. As to home made pipes, go to the hardware store, that's what we always did *back in the day* just put something heat resistant in the middle!
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  11. now I cant smoke but I can vape weed
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  12. My daily driver since 2013.


    Repurposed scraps make cheap gifts for campers and tailgaters.
    CRW_0006 (3).jpg

    CRW_0004 (2).jpg

    CRW_0012 (2).jpg
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