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Home made pieces

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hooka_elf, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. I have made some fairly nice pieces in my time, but i would like to hear what all every one else has made and the weirdest thing they made it with....
    Here are mine:

    bowl made from a dry erase marker (a stealth kind, looks like a REAL maker when closed!!)

    Water Bong made from a can of Red Bull.
  2. i've made pieces out of beer cans, apples, hiliters, and i've made waterbongs out of empty half gallons of liquor.
  3. alrighty, lol. i've made pipes out of an electric toothbrush, a stone, wood, a metal thingy i found in my garage, and a flute/recorder thing. i've made bongs out of a gallon jug for green tea, a double chamber one from a sprite and powerade bottle, a concealed one from a soccer mom water bottle thing, and countless ones from individual bottles.

    but my favs are definitely the pipes, im' not sure why, but the ones i made hit fantastic and are literally my babies, i could care less about the bongs, those took me 5 minutes to make.

    here's a stone one i made, i just have to figure out what i want to put on it, ya know? it hits just like glass, but a "cleaner" feeling, if you will. the bottom right is what it started out as.

    this is a metal one hitter chillum thing i made awhile back and still have. it hits real hot and isn't one of my favs, but it looks cool, so that's a plus.
    tube thing

    and i've made countless ones from wood, i covered the insides with honey and baked it to have the sugar carmelize and coat it like a laquor (sp)... the one i'm showing ya is my favorite at the moment, it hits sooooo cold, you can hardly feel it. and it's only 4 inches long. to me, it's the shit, but that's me.
    looks like mah goalie pads
    i've also got a shorter 3.5 incher that looks like nemo, here are some links for that one too.
    nemo front
    nemo side
  4. ok, the nemo piece looks kick ass, nice work! I have been working on the perfect 4 chanber water piece for like a week now... it's usable, but you get light headed way before you even get the smoke from working the smoke into all of the chambers =P
  5. i made a 3 man hookah a while back that hit like a fuckin DREAM.

    then i have 3 1/2 foot bong made of Plumbing tubes. The bowl(s) are all my old broken glass pipes. Its got 3 bowls right now, one is a chillum, one is a spoon, and one is just some funky pipe. they all broke the same way though so there a bowl and then about 2 inches of glass... so i just used a blow torch to put some holes in the plastic and then squeezed the pipes into it. very cool ;) you can now pack about 2 grams at once, but you need some buddies to help light it all :D
  6. i made a pipe out of an apple once.. after it was all over i ate the apple it was great

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