Home made kinda drippper/flood system?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WispyMossops, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody, hope you are all well?

    I have a problem, we have some plants at my mates house in the loft, only accesible by a tiny loft hatch up a pair of stepladders, which is a massive pain in the ass. At the minute we have to mix the food bucket by bucket downstairs then carry it up stepladders one bucketb at a time every time we feed the 16 plants up there. The plants are in coco so need feeding quite often. As you can imagine its a massive pain in the ass.

    Another friend of mine has a 100 litre water butt for sale cheap. I was thinking about putting that up there and filling that with feed then running a pipe off the tap and splitting this into 16 to feed an open end in each pot. I was then just going to go up once a day, open the tap, let the water/nutes flow until there is a little coming out of the bottom, then soak this up and get rid of it. Will this work OK? Can anybody see any problems with this? I cant see why it wouldnt work as it is just the same as feeding by hand isnt it? Just much easier?

    I have read a bit about dripper systems but am not too sure of this as if the tap is open constantly if/when one of the fittings fails my mate is having 100 litres of nutrient solution coming through the ceiling into his bedroom. Which I dont think he would be too keen on.

    How long can I leave the water stood there before it starts to cause problems? And would it be beneficial to have an air stone in there? Let me know if you have any more questions, ill be on and off all day.
  2. Has anyone else got a feeding setup like this? Any advice?

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