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  1. Due to the lack of smoke in my area, my mother decided she wanted a plant. so she called me and i went over there. Eventually she decided she wanted to grow hydro. But she got fucked on some credit bullshit and can't get cash. So we decided to make a hydro system. ( if we were stoned we might have done it better but sober minds tend to not think straight ) Anyway. I took a pot and a drainer.....i filled the pot with water and put the drainer on top of the water. the water just barely touched the bottom of the drainer. i filled the drainer with soil. but some fertilizer in the water (15-30-15..i know the phosphurous level is twice as high as the nitrous and potassium but it was all we had.) and of course put seed in the soil. what i want to know is...if anyone thinks this shit will work....Will it? Imean it's okay if it don't cause in a few weeks she'll get a real dro system. but i'm trying to find out how well my ingenuity is.
  2. im sorry to say what your doing isnt really growing hydro... hydro consists of a air circulation in the water... from what you said its just the drainer and the water... you need some kind of air blower... basicly its growing in soil and will not root any further then that... youll maybe get lucky and get a plant... but it wont be hydro... but if the roots grow you will run out of room and your plant wont grow any bigger than half a foot.. might want to look into a good syustem like you said... more money yuo invest better the stuff youll get.
  3. Damn. oh well thanks man i appreciate the tip. yea were gonna get one next week. i don't even know why the hell we did that shit. i been watering like a dumb ass. Thank si'll dump it all out. We were just trying to start it up. Thanks though
  4. anytime.... make shure you dont over pay for a hydro system theres hydro syustems out there you can build for 40 50 bux for 9-10 plants check it out before purchasing good luck
  5. bubble buckets very successfull www.overgrow.com has a styep by step thing to make them
  6. are one of those P measures required, the ones that cost about $80?
  7. Just to clarify...Hydroponic means growing without soil...nothing about air puimps or water pumps etc....But your system would be better off with an O2 source for roots (i.e. air pump to water) There are very good passive suystems (bulbler buckets or DWC and such as well as aeroponics, etc....learn a bit and then make your own
  8. dude, u dont even have to spend 20 buckets. All u need is:

    5+gallon bucket/tub,
    any hyro medium (clay pebbles, vermiculite, perlite, gravel...)
    airpump and airstone

    I have a bubbler garden the growth rate is rediculous.
  9. growth will be just as slow maybe not as slow with out the o2 source and for alll taht other crap it will coast you 20 bucks i mean not all people hacve that stuff laying around take taht into consideration ... good luck air rocks are also good for hydro i think thats what there called?

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