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home made diffuser question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stealthslaya77, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Ok so I just found a little bottle that you would normally get on a flight If you asked for an alcoholic beverage
    My question is would this be a good size for a diffuser or should I use something with a bigger volume like a pill bottle?

  2. you mean like a perculator type deal? then prbly so

  3. So.... Go with the pull bottle? I'm just wondering If II will make a difference in cooling the smoke or drag issues
  4. a diffuser is just a downstem with smaller, multiple holes, isn't it? You mean some sort of etra chamber?
  5. you should definatly post how your building this, i would like to know.
  6. Ok so i have a french horn mute right?
    And i carved a hole in it, put a thicker black tube in that that is touching the bottom of the cone shaped mute
    Hot glued the tube to make it air tight
    Then took a bacardi one shot type bottle deal, and cut a hole in the side
    Then put a different black tube in the top of that, and hot glued it to make that air tight
    Then put the bacardi's side hole onto the big black tube that is going in to the mute
    Hot glued that
    And filled both with water to cool the water twice
    That would act as a pre-cooler i'm assuming

    Having said this, would it be any different. if i used a larger pill bottle, or the bacardi which is a little smaller, to cool the smoke or cause more or less drag?

    hopefully this made sense...
    I just took a few rips off of my bubbler
  7. [​IMG]

    i tried to draw what it would look like
    hopefully this helps along with my description above
  8. i thinks thats an ash catcher, but dont quote me on that lol im not really sure
  9. If that's what you're doing with the small bottle then it is an ashcatcher. If you cut slits in the bottom 1/10th or so of the tube going into the small bottle then it will have a diffused downstem of sorts.

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