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  1. I have this bastard of a cough, just won't go away, and I don't have any medicine to help with it. Anyone know of anything I can make with stuff laying around the house that will help?
  2. I have a cold & nagging cough right now too.
    Drinking lots of water usually helps me when I don't have the right cough meds...........& right now........................I don't.
  3. What you don't have a gas station near you?
  4. Yeah but I don't really feel like going out
  5. A light menthol cig will help if you smoke. Anything with menthol will soothe your throat a bit really. A cig helps me anyway but I can see how it may do the opposite to some
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    1. Get 2-3 grams of high test cannabis indica

    2. Break up cannabis flower into small pieces.

    3. Get smoking piece or cig papers.

    4. put broken up cannabis into the desired method of smoking.

    5. smoke all cannabis indica till complete.

    6. Sleep

    7. Give me rep
  7. 500mg of DXM should do ya good.

  8. You are most Welcome. Please post back if one or more worked. :smoke:
  9. Whiskey, honey, and cayenne pepper. 2 or 3 shots whiskey, about a tablespoon of honey and a 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne.

    Yeah, it tastes like crap...but it really does help. The whiskey calms the cough, the honey soothes your throat and the cayenne just boosts both...causes blood to rush to your throat thereby dulling the pain response
  10. Spread the sickness :devious:

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