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Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Well hey yall.
    This coming friday-or saturday I'm planning on kicking it with this one girl and smoking some find green lady.

    But alas I don't have a pipe/bong/spoon/whateever right now.

    So I need to find somthing to smoke out of with her. That will give her and I a nice decent hi. I was thinking a pop-can pipe? Or a paper tube pipe?

    got anyother ideas--that don't require to much shit or effort to make?

  2. aint nutten wrong with fruit man ;) or if all else fails a potatoe is always choise

    Edit: :D
  3. hehe just got some papers or a blunt wrap ..it will look better in front of the lady opposed to a popcan, or steamroller ..plus get you a better high
  4. roll it!!

    or do this really cheapskate way i discovered a few weeks ago but never did it cuz i have a pipe..

    take a pair of tweezers, a straw, and a lighter, and of course a nug...

    grab the nug with the tweezers, then with the straw in your mouth turn on the lighter and inhale..

    straw -> nug -> flame

    everything should be horizontal

    edit: hah, come to think of it i don't think the flame would budge... damn that's ghetto
  5. lol I think she would like the ghettoness of the pop-can. you know its kinda cute...LOL.

    Ya I might try the steam roller idea. But more then likely I'll go with the pop can. Another good alternative could be a gravity water bong (sobe)
    you know--you take a sobe bottle. Take off the lid, put on aluminum foil on the top and poke small little holes in it. Then chip away at the bottle until you get a small little hole at the bottom of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water.
    Then put the pot ontop of the aluminum foil. And light it--while you light it let the water slowely drain out (put finger over hole you chipped out) and the bottles totally filled with smoke. Then take off the aluminum foil--and boom just take it all in!!

    Any other methods you all got?

  6. if your not gonna roll it up make a bong or a waterfall to get the most bang for your buck

    but dont use tinfoil tis bad ...unless you want alzheimerz
  7. Yeah, use nothing aluminum.
    Tinfoil= Aluminum foil.

    Aluminum is bad for anything when it is exposed to heat.
  8. a popcan is just as bad if not worse than tinfoil, roll it or go to the hardware store and find something that makes a good bowl piece, trust me, theres tons of stuff there to use, but grils love a guy who can roll a nice blunt or J

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