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  1. I am planning on making a personal water distiller, to supply 100% clean water from the tap.

    I need this heating element to vaporize water... not necessarily immediately.

    Is Nichrome the most popular material for heating elements to get water to ~110 degrees Celsius? Length of the wire will effect energy output im assuming... would 12V of direct current produce the desired effect? Corresponing wire length? Gauge? Encase the heating element in a non-conductive metal/other material?

    Once I have the heating element made... enclose it in a waterproof tank with a tubed spout at the top; perhaps that can run through a carbon filter (necessary?); (should I have a series of heating elements/spouts?) finally leading to another tank (distilled water?). Let cool, enjoy. Wipe up mineral deposits.

    I know I can buy water... it is cheap. I am a nerd. Enough said.
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    Personally, I'm all about activated charcoal filters. I built one in a trip to my local hardware store a few years back.

    As far as the element goes, I'd imagine that most anything would work. Are you sure you want to use electricity though? Gas might be more economical (propane).

    In any case, I'm curious to see how you proceed. Try to keep us up to date if you manage this.

    I looked into it a bit more, what about using the element from a hair drier? You might be able to source the part at a local GoodWill. I read that it is made of Nichrome. This way, you can use electricity from a plugin, and it would have a means to control the temperature. If the temperature control isn't concise enough, try wiring in a dimmer switch to control the output. That's what I used for a vaporizer that I created. I used a thermal bulb for that, which might actually be a possibility for your distiller.

    Also: http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=155682

    As for the hair drier, check out this page: http://home.howstuffworks.com/hair-dryer3.htm
    You could unwrap the nichrome coils from the mica board and restructure it on another insulating frame and use that as your element.
  3. Nice, thanks for the hair dryer and thermal bulb tip. Ill look into it. So far everything is in the planning stage.

    I'm trying to put together a diy solar panel too. I like the idea of getting paid by the electric company. :D

    What other diy stuff have you done?
  4. If you want free water, you could buy a dehumidifier? That is pure water right out of the air.

    I don't know were you are from but my tap water has flouride in it and I am a fan of it because it makes teeth stronger. I don't see why you would want to really do that.

    I also don't know what is in your water but it would seem to me that it would be possible that you vape some sink gunk or what ever is in your water it condenses and still ends up in your water, were does the impurities go? If they stay in the tank until you clean it that seems impractical. (okay, read last post about wiping up the mineral gunk but decided not to exclude)

    You do not need a charcoal filter and a vape, one or the other would be more then good enough.
  5. Flouride is a poison that damages the brain and fucks with your body in a bunch of ways. I'll take my brain over a good set of teeth. Especially since they can grow human teeth with stem cells now, it will be common to replace them in the future.

    Fluoride & the Brain
    Do research.
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    Really, the vaporizer was the biggest fyi project that I've ever done, but I've got others planned. I'm working on a mold for a carbon fiber longboard (drop deck) that I'm going to build. And a kayak that i want to build. Some computer stuff too, running linux on home routers and that stuff, but since I know computers, I wouldn't consider that uncharted waters.

    I'm with you on the fluoride thing though, but I've got well water.
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    I did my own research and read the article you posted. This is an arguement that I dont really care too much about either way, but I think that there should be flouride in our water. Any healthy person (functioning kidneys/not a bitch) will have no problems consuming it. There is not a high concentration of flouride in the system, infact you would sooner die from drinking too much water then you would from the flouride.

    It is however impossible to say if it is of any use (your article in particulair highlighted basically all the negative aspects of it... I will say that even for a doctor it is written in bias) We really can't test if it is useful because differant countries drink differant amounts of water and preform slightly differant biological functions.

    The only reason that I believe it does good is because you get it at the dentist office. Also I am sure you are aware of "everything in moderation" even if you don't agree with anything I say you must agree that there is a safe level of flouride that can be consumed without any ill effects.

    Off topic of flouride, That is amazing that they can grow teeth with stem cells. Seems alittle extravagent, but if you compare it to a gold tooth, I guess not.
  8. What about those of us who don't NEED fluoride? I drink well water with no additives and have all my life. Guess what? I've STILL never had a cavity. Where's your fluoride now? Are my teeth somehow not as 'strong' due to my lack of chemical support?

    I personally just don't like the idea of additives in my water. If I wanted to drink chemicals, I'd go for a soda. I want my water as pure as possible. Besides, fluoride tastes horrible in my green tea.

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