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home dip stick drug tests easy pass options. please read and post.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vb757weed, May 31, 2009.

  1. Hey guys well ive been faced with random home drug tests, dip in the water wait till the strip gets wet and then either 1 or 2 lines comes up depending on if u passed or not. ive been trying to find diff solutions to pass.. none are full proof yet.

    this is the main one i use but im kinda sketch about it.. warm water with yellow food coloring.. only thing is it doesnt smell like piss but it works.

    i read that u can use visine in a piss test, i took a half of a 30mL bottle last night in maybe 50mL of piss and put it in there and it didnt work at all. i still ahve 2 other kinda of visine to test cuz theres so many diff brands of it idk which ones work etc..

    stat flush pills, buyt theyre expensive as fuck 25 dollars a test.
  2. Use someone else's piss. Or wait until you are clear, and save yours :D

  3. u kno i shoulda saved mine wheni quit 4 3 months damnit.. i almost asked me neighbor for her piss but i kinda sketched out texting her it so i just asked her if she wanted a ride to school the next day loll
  4. It's like you're into some sort of experimentation all by yourself. Did you get a good result to what you're doing? I suggest that you don't have to let yourself into some sort of experimentation when it comes to saving yourself in too much use of drugs. You can at least try to look for some home drug test kits out in the market. There are lots of drug test kits out there. The only thing is that you have to be very careful on choosing the best one. Yes, it is a sort of expensive for some but there are too which are affordable. Just be wise enough okay.;)
  5. drink lots of water before the test so ur piss is clear and when u piss in the cup it will be pure water

    then add a tiny drop of yellow food coloring this worked for me as long as you know and hour ahead of the test this should work good luck

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