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  1. was up buddies taking a trip to home depot this week going to get some flouros and some 1/4 inch wire mesh can anybody tell me exactly where these items are I know the flouros are like 9.99 for a 20 watt is this okay for five plants for the first two weeks or should I go for the 40 also how much does the wire mesh run just need a little bit my buget is 15 dollars do you think I can make it please help
  2. 15 bucks?....job?
  3. flo tubes? or the actual worklights? I've seen the work lights as cheap as 7 something each without bulbs

    15 bucks won't be enough to get all you need for sure...save up and keep the seedlings going and head there with at least 60 bucks for flos the chain to mount them and enough tubes (you'll need 'em...some burn out fast as fuck)
  4. no you people got it all wrong I have a 400 watt but last time I turned it on my seedlums died and they were were feminized but I got a ventilation system know blowin hot air out my cab but dont wanna risk my seedlums dyin so the question I am really askin is can a 20 watt support 5 seedlings for the first two weeks or should I go to the 40 watts 10 bucks extra also where can I find the 1/4 wire mesh wat section gardening, plumbing, ect what please help me out people:smoke:
  5. Go there and ask someone who works there......
  6. At Home Depot wire mesh is in the building materials section. Chicken wire is labeled "poultry mesh," other kinds of mesh are in that section.
  7. home depot by me sells hps.. assuming your lookin for a grow light
  8. allright one of my questions halfway answered but how much is the wire mesh just looking for a little bit to place in a tupperware container also about the floros is 20 watts enough for the first 2 weeks or should I go with the 40 watts remember I have a 400 watt on stanby any opinion is acceptable :hello:
  9. A 2'x10' roll is I think the smallest you can get, probably around 4 bucks.
  10. Wally World will be cheaper for the items you are looking for. Lightbulbs are probalby real close to the Filters and right in that area will be screen..
    Thanks Dale
  11. allright people thx for the input but I need one more question knocked out before I go packing I dont know if I should get a 20 watt floro or a 40 watt I think the 20 watt is 9.99 and the 30 watt is 15.99 also the 40 watt is 19.99 which one should I get(remember I already have 400 watts HPS on standby with a spankin new ventilation system so heat aint a problem) also I only need the lights for the first two weeks of growth or until I transplant any help is needed :hello:
  12. well are you talking compact flos? the kind you screw in a standard light socket that is..

    if so the 40watt model is like 150watts in relation to a normal light bulb (lumen wise) so it's probably worth the extra cash to start your seedlings off with lotsa light that isn't gonna burn them to hell like HPS would
  13. No I Am Trying To Get The Floro Tubes Not The Light Bulb So Wat Do You Think Is More Suitable For The First 2 Weeks A 20 Watt Or A 40 Watt Simple As That Any Opinion Accepted
  14. buy a compact fluro bulb then buy a portable amuminum worklight. I used a 40 watt screw in fluro it puts out tons of light no heat and the plants love it. Altogether thats like 15 bucks I think the bulb is 4 or 5.
  15. allright thx keepsmokin and who said 15 bucks wasnt enough plus 4 for the 1/4 mesh wire thats 20 bucks total thx everyone here for your input may good karma come to all who wish to receieve:smoke:
  16. id say go with the 40watter cant hurt...

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