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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Mighty Joe Bong, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Everyday i'm thankful for living in such a beautiful mellow country, so I thought i'd share some of the goodness by posting a few pics. I know most of you live in America, but none the less I invite you to also post some home country scenery ;)


  2. Great photos, you take them yourself?
  3. Looks like a dreamland to me you are a very lucky guy Mighty Joe Bong ;)
  4. damn dude.... the beach... imagine just sitting up there and tokin with some friends and just chill for the hole day.... thatd be the life dudes
  5. Cool, I didn't think anyone was going to reply to this thread :D

    And no, I didn't take the pictures myself, I got them from http://www.vnz.co.nz
  6. I'll match your waterfall..


    And raise you some farmland!

  7. well you guys suck and i hate you :p

    i fold
    all i have is cows
    an look im too lazy to even get you a picture,<---- (i think about these things you know)

  8. Nice pics and home. What are the marijuana laws like there?
  9. Obliviot, ur home rox, ours the size of the garage

    And that waterfalls nice

    Plus, if u wanna see amazing NZ scenery, go watch both lord of the rings (best movie EVER!!!)
  10. i live on a street all cramped and all cramped and cramped

    pshh i hate you guys

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