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Home alone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Where is everyone this morning??

    This doesn't happen to me very often!
  2. I'm here, better a little late than never. It is pretty quite around here this morning...
  3. lol, I waked and baked 3 hours ago. The bong rips have worn off and now I'm getting a bit cranky. :)
  4. morning! I need to go back to bed, but I have to start walking to class in a few minutes. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay awake in class, but I have an exam in this class on Tuesday.
  5. good mornin everyone! i haven't been around much lately. busy, busy, busy.both kids are sick, well 1 down, 1 more to go. colds and flus flying around here just lookin for a prime suspect. my poor little man is snoozin still. things are good, suns comin up a little chilly here with the snow we got!!![​IMG] if we're gunna get snow, bring it on so at least i can hit the artic cat for a ride! such whimpy snow here now! all u can do is look at it. nice but not very satisfying when u wanna ride! oh well, happy tokin all!!!
  6. I hope all ya'll had a great day.. I need to to slow down a bit again.. Working to damn much!!!!!!!
  7. Like Bud Head said, I do hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Sorry you are working so damn much though. I had today off, and I hate to say it, but I think I would rather have worked. At least when one keeps busy, it doesnt give your mind time to wonder. Plus, I have heartburn from hell and that sucks worse than anything. I should ownstock in Rolaids.

  8. LOL I'll sell you some of my stock in rolaids.. I am now taking Prilesec or how ever it's spelled..

    I just had another call on more work for my tight assed schedule.. One of these days it will rain or snow and i'll get me a couple of days off..
  9. o ya, you in construction arnt ya... its pretty tough work, a lot of my family does that, and many people i know.. well anyways, my day sucked.. woke up late, high tailed it to school, found out most women hate me, specially the ones i like, went for a walk, decided to et some pizza, so i stop up at our work, called in on the way up and when about to pay.... i forgot my wallet at home... fuggin hell.. so i walked back home got my wallet and went back up, barley got a discount.. came home had a small piece.. and 2 pieces of cheesebread, feel like im going to throw up.. feels like i ate the whole pizza, half the cheesebread, then chugged the sauces.... got a terrible headache.. but other then that im just bout to smoke a j and go chill in the hot tub.... hopefully i dround..

    o ya, i lost my bowl and the slide to the bong...
  10. Whoa, cs_shoota, that is seriously a shitty day. It sounded like I was reading someones suicide note...(Drowning yourself is not the only option dude. See someone, like your local city councilor. They care!)
    But ya, thats really bad. And to top it off, you even lost the bowl...thats like...
    a final stab in the back after a severe torture...or like
    a final piece to the puzzle where the puzzle is the bad day, or
    the last point of a chain of events from origins unknown that has been invisibly manifesting itself in a dimension we cannot percieve.
    I dunno, I needd to go smoke another doobie.
    Hope you have a better tomorrow dude, I recommend a lot of herb smokage, thats what ill be doin.

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