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home alone all weekend

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BoNgBoY4LiFe, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. well this weekend has finally come. my parents finally decided to go down to florida for 4 days and leave me here alone. they must be stupid to think i actually wo'nt have anyone else in the house while they're gone. as soon as they leave i'm gonna go buy a 5th of everclear and roll a blunt and have some people over. hope you guys will have just as much fun as me this weekend.
  2. I'm jealous, hope you got plenty of bud
  3. sounds fun!!! buds dry as hell here...
  4. Have a good time.
  5. Right on man. Ima have an awesome weekend myself! I'm going home to see Primus tomorrow night and then the next day I got the house to myself for a while so I will roll up a nice blunt and then burn it down!
  6. Smoke at least a quarter oz in the house, since they'll be gone for 4 days
  7. Thats awesome man, time to party it up for sure! Im patiently waitin till my parents go somewhere...wont happen though, my parents dont really go places for more than like 1 night.

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