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(Holyshit)Interview at Sea World!!! (info)(help)

Discussion in 'General' started by Cheating Death, May 19, 2010.

  1. don't send your buddy, cuz im pretty sure they check id. this is what you do, get that friend of yours to piss in a cup. Then take the piss and put it in a condom, strap that shit to your inner thigh (its the warmest place on your body). You don't need that much just a bit. Go in to bathroom, put the piss in the cup and hope that strip that tests temp turns colors on you. Leave and enjoy job. :D

    keep us updated!

    oh if they test your hair...well....restaurants don't drug test and you can make good money.

  2. I wasint going to go but I did, so I get the interview sitting down with one Asian hottie. It was so easy and I didint get tested for anything:) she just said she will call back in 3/5 days
  3. Always thought about this with hair testing? What if you had wig made out of human hair?

    But anyways, seems like Seaworld would be a sick place to work :)
  4. My friend worked at Sea World during the summer one year....they did a hair test.
    He worked the summer but after graduation when he tried to go back they said they had found coke in his hair from before.

    That's the one in FL though.
  5. employers should have that shiny Sheen mentality
    sounds like usual b.s., but goodluck hope yah get called back op

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