(Holyshit)Interview at Sea World!!! (info)(help)

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    aftter finishing the online application it told me i have an interview on friday:)

    i know it seems unbelievable but it happened i have my first interview, but i smoked 3 days ago and am not sure if im going to be tested after the interview?

    i guess if u answer the questions right and they have opening you get an interview that weeek!

  2. I doubt they will. I worked for Disney and they didn't test. My friend worked for Orlando and they didn't test. I can't see why Sea World would test. Just go in there and do your best for the interview, if they DO drug test, they'll set an appointment up for the future. Thats when you can start worrying about it.

  3. how was the interview? i applied too work at the rides, i think haha

  4. The interviews are easy. If it's anything like Disney they will have like 100 other people there all doing interviews too. I got into the interviewers office, he asked me like 3 questions and said I had the job. It's pretty much 100% you'll get the job unless you say something stupid.
  5. haha yeah this is how my interview went yesterday three questions and then i got it ' i thought it was gunna be a lot more

    but be careful OP cause then she was like alright now all we need you to do is take the DT and she wanted me to take it that day but i got it held off till friday cause the more time i have the better

    but just know if they are gunna test you they will wanna schedule you for that as your next step
  6. hmm why didint she test you that day? was it at seaworld?

    because im thinking of buying a cleansing drink.

  7. cause you have to go to the facility to get tested and it could take up to an hour ' and i had school

    so she let me schedule for a time to come in

    and nah it wasnt at seaworld lol

    and you could but if they send it to the lab it could show up that you had a cleansing drink which you wouldnt really have an excuse for

    niacin shows up too apparently but your excuse could be you use it for excursive or dieting
  8. damn the mad evil scientist who invented drug testing!

    thanks for the help guys:)
  9. However, do remember that SEA WORLD is not owned by Disney.

    My mom works for the place that gives benefits to Se World...

  10. Dude WTF, I googled " does seaworld drug test?" and it said that they hair test in seaworld San diego!

    WTF I don't even want to go any more, those bitches
  11. Just go.
    If your in california you'll be chill..

  12. LOL why does everyone think that:) im so pissed because i heard its almost a 100% chance of getting hired.

  13. Never once did I say that Sea World was owned by Disney. I said I worked for Disney and my friend (roommate to be precise) worked for Universal and neither of those tested. Thus I saw no reason that Sea World would test, but its possible.
  14. i just came up with the dumbest idea.
    i heard they only ask like 3 questions and then test you. so you wont see them again right?

    i have a buddy who kinda looks like me but with allot of hair and doesn't do drugs, what if he goes in as me and does the interview?

    stupid or what? i really need a job:(
  15. Shave your head bald and be completely fuckin' taken aback when they tell you it's hair testing, that'll give you enough time to get clean.

    Don't send your buddy in that's a stupid fucking idea.

  16. Haha what?
  17. If you ever had a hair test you would know they never take the hair from your head.... dumbfucking idea
    Don't send your buddy just go in there and be chill...

  18. Haha I heard they take our arm pit hair:)
    I can be chill but I won't get hired:(
  19. The thing is i think the whole hair test might just be a scare off rember hair test cost a bit, yeah i know they got money but just to test people if they take drugs or not. I don't know i think you will be fine

  20. Sea world san diego, how long till im in the clear from drug test? - Yahoo! Answers

    and like 4 other topics on this, but i want to believe you so bad tho.

    why would they wast so much money???

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