Holy Trippyness!

Discussion in 'General' started by CircuitKid, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Goto this link and download this program thing


    It is a thing where you stare at this spiral for 20-30 seconds and look around u and the whole world is like waving its CRAZY. Do it if your blazed, or sober either way its trippy as fuck. Enjoy City.:smoke: :smoke:

    EDIT//When promted at the screen, just type in the numbers it says and press enter (it says __ is ok) then type it in and press enter, MAKE SURE YOU STARE INTO THE CENTER AND GET CLOSE TO SCREEN!

  2. btw this is way better blazed
  3. btw... nobody will dl it because its an exe file. people dont do that shit. wait why? because it ALWAYS has spyware in it.
  4. thanks for the heads-up crusher
  5. Anyone with 13375P34K in their signature can't be trusted with .exe files. Sorry.

    On the other hand I have seen safe versions of that and it is pretty trippy.
  6. holy fuck dude that was amazing

    everything is still spinning

    haha it's liek a hella trip


    it's great cause it's customizable too

    as long as there is no virus

    whipeee i'm doing that again

  7. OK it's just a VB spiral thing. not as cool as i thought, then again, i've been dry for 2 days. i think.

    night gc.
  8. haha intense

    edit: night mundi

    now they need to make this in a plasma version (like plasma pong)
  9. ive seen this program before, its definitely not a virus to my knowledge, also, try playing with various different numbers for it. Be sure to stare DIRECTLY at the dot for as long as possible/about 20-30 seconds
  10. just to be safe i would still say that you should all run a spyware detector because those fuckers can get sneaky.

    and i mean sneaky with a capital ass-fucking
  11. hmm i cant run it... it tells me its a 16bit app not supported by 32bit windows xp :confused:
  12. Ya its pretty neat. When you do it blazed, everything seems cartoonlike, and it seems to last a while. Try just starring at it for 2 minutes, and the normal settings are fine. Every once in a while speed it up and slow it down. All screen (moniters tvs...) are very distorted, and it seems to work best in a pretty dark room.
  13. Amazing find man, much appreciated, the shifting visual that it creates is EXACTLY what I get on the comeup of LSD and Shrooms, untill it gets stronger that is, but still very cool! + rep
  14. There's just something about mundi that makes me want to stab him in the face repeatedly.
  15. nawww mundi's a cool dude... you on the other hand have a red block and nobody seems to like you so :poke:

  16. Potbot, I read all your 7 posts, of the 7, 5 were outright negative.
    Either stfu, or intead, contribute to the forum instead of insulting everyone.
  17. This is pretty awesome, but it doesn't last long at all for me, plus my eyes keep watering when I try to keep them open.

    Still, fucking amazing!

    (Haha, I'm in the library, and everyone around me is all "WTF?")
  18. hahahahahahahaha. i can imagine that. and that shit is pretty nuts. especially when your baked.
  19. Ok, so before downloading this can someone who has already downloaded it ensure me that the file is safe and doesnt contain any spyware, malware, trojans, viruses, etc. Thanks. :smoke:

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