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Holy tolerance, Batman

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MPSRuo, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. So in the last few months, since around April (was then a high school senior) I have begun smoking every day (Been smoking for about 2 years but casually). Back then, a bag or 2 of the volcano had me ripped beyond function. I would almost twitch i was so baked and I could barely think. It was awesome.

    Then I started to smoke...a lot. I ended up spending some time in Amsterdam, now in college I own my own Volcano, 2 bongs, a bubbler, a bowl, a steamroller, a hookah i put nug in, and a 6 footer.

    I've gone from smoking about .3-.5 myself in the volcano and being ripped, to going through a zip with 2-3 friends a week and not being able to get truly nuked. I get a little high, but I can clearly function, perform tasks and act sober without a hint of being stoned.

    There's not much point to this point but simply to state that tolerance sucks =/ I think a tolerance break is in order soon.

    Anyone else share my sentiment?
  2. Yeah man I smoked straight for 2 years and I got this nice cushy desk job and I've cut my smoking down to the weekends only, it's been doing alot of good. I get alot more blazed now than I was.
  3. i been smoking for about 2 years now too.
  4. I've been smoking for about 6 now, on and off, but i have started smoking daily now, for the past 2 months and i can already feel the tolerance building up. it sux!

    I'll T-break w/ ya when your ready, just lemme know :smoke:
    hm we should have a t break group lol like a bunch of members set a day and start their t break ya no? just another crzy high idea

    have a good one boyz
  5. when i T-break i start munching on shrooms now and then.
  6. I just started smoking again a little over a week ago after a four month break. Mine was forced by the courts.

    Tolerance breaks are worth it, but I always get right back into my old pattern of smoking too much no matter what, haha. I always want more and more.
  7. I need a damn break thinking about the years ive spent smoking - I think a tolerance break would be great soon

  8. same as you, i've been smoking weed a lot these past two years, however i've slowed down because i am in the process of finding work. i've been smoking on and off this year and currently i am on my first week of t break again, i've been running a lot and skating to keep my mind off the weed. in the past my tolerance became so high that i knew i was just wasting my stash because my hit became shorter and shorter and that for me is not a good thing.

    i can't wait to light up again and i'm gonna make sure that i'm gonna be really blazed.:hello:
  9. Take a two week break, then hit your 'cano. Should get you whacked out quite well :).
  10. I'm so used to being high that when I get high it's just second nature so it's like nothing ever happened. Except for the chill mood
  11. Break the routine... Take 2 - 4 weeks off, and believe me, it will be worth it. I had to go without smoking for like 3 weeks and it gave me like a whole new love for weed.

    I'm almost getting back my tolerance now tho, cuz i've been smoking so much lately, so i'm gonna try to take a break soon, it's just not smart payin 50 bucks a week for something I shouldn't "need."

    Oh yeah, if you can, wait 3-4 months without smoking, right when you start really wanting to smoke again, when your body completely flushes the THC out, then smoke, and it'll really feel like ur first time
  12. Drinking makes T-Breaks a lot easier. I would have never made it through summer with out it.

    But it's worth it.:smoke:
  13. its the vap man they build your tolarence a lot try smoking a few fat blunts
  14. ya man, u gotta T-break, i did 3 weeks recently and it set me straight, just when u start back up dont start heavy, ease into it so ur tolerance slowly builds, like smoke mids at first, then go up to better weed.
  15. I'm on day 4 of my 2 week+ break. going alright.
  16. I clicked this thread hoping to see something about batman :(
  17. i dont smk for one day and consider that a T break :cool:

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