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Holy shit

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Deleted member 452289, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Trainwreck+Purple Widow= a hit that taste like all the slurpee flavors mixed at 7-11.:eek::smoke:
    just sayin
  2. Post a picture.....
  3. Pic!!!!!!! Sounds dank
  4. pics or this didnt happen
  5. First pic is Purple Widow, second is trainwreck, third is one of the more purple nugs of the widow :p :smoke: enhance that shit!

    Attached Files:

  6. ok pics or didn't happen worked

    how about samples or gtfo?

    looks smoktastic
  7. 2nd pic looks yummy
  8. hey thanks! they are quite delicious :)
    God these two mixed is the best tasting combo I have ever tried.
  9. nice best tasting bud ive had is cotton candy kush :smoke:
  10. Never had it :( Does it actually taste like cotton candy? haha I'm always blown away over how well the name matches the taste of the bud. ya know what im sayin?
  11. I can smell those fuckers from here

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