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Holy shit, what a scare!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2fly4YoAzz, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hello blades!

    Today I picked up my girl and smoked her out for the second time ever. We smoked one good sized joint then when we were done she wanted to go back inside and eat, she got up and stumbled to a chair like she was drunk. She said she was pretty dizzy and wanted to calm down. So I kept her there until she was ready to get up again. Well afterwards we were at the fridge looking for food. She then just slammed her head on my arm, then a few seconds later went unconscious and fell into the pantry. Me being an awesome person snapped out of my high, kept calm, picked her up and took her to my bed. She finally snapped back into consciousness after a few seconds. I asked her stupid questions like what my name is and what day it is. She responded correctly and she said she doesnt remember anything after she came inside... WOW scared the shit out of me! She is okay now thankfully!

    Sorry for such a long story. Has anyone else passed out or had someone konk out while smoking?
  2. My friend started laying down in the woods when we smoked, and his face got mad pale. We told him to close his eyes so he looked dead, it brought laughs all around, even he laughed. Gave him some water afterwards, he felt fine and went home to sleep it off. Scary looking back at it.
  3. Pics or you dont have a girl and have never spoken to one in your life.
  4. #4 TrueNirvana, Aug 10, 2011
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    DeJa Vu.... please tell me you posted this somewhere else....
  5. LOL yea I did but I thought it would be necessary to post it again haha.

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