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  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007370155,00.html

    CRAFTY motorist John Eady dodged speed traps by using an electronic gate-controller which jams police laser guns.

    Eady, 61, had the £290 gadget fitted behind the number plate of his £23,000 Range Rover after being caught speeding three times.

    Suspicious cops traced the company boss through his registration after getting error messages on their computers as he tore past.

    A court heard that, in tests, the gadget made the car invisible to speed guns.

    The question is where can i buy one of these gate openers at?
    Eady claimed it was installed by mistake when he had a sat-nav system put in — but a jury heard he learned of the con via the motor trade.

    He denied perverting justice but was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court. He faces a hefty fine and possible ban when he is sentenced next month.
  2. Why would you want to speed?

    Your endangering the lives of others.
  3. speed all you want, just make sure there's no cops around......be very sure too, we all know how cops seem to appear at the worst times.

  4. i wouldnt say that.

    even speeding, if done responsibly (i know it sounds crazy), is ok.

    by that i mean going slow in residential areas stuff like thta

    if you wanna go 85 on the high way and the road is wide open not a lot of traffic, your not hurting anybody.
  5. Interesting.

    I hardly ever speed, not that I am a turtle slow driver, but I don't drive as fast as most other people. Even when I am in a rush, I'm a pretty mellow guy.
  6. After my 284 dollar ticket you just learn to slow it down. I drive a station wagon, and I drive like 60 on the highway, I never get pulled over now. They prolly think I'm a soccer mom :p
  7. No. wrong. Even if you're a professional driver; it's dangerous. The faster you go, the less control you have.

    If there is a SINGLE other car on the road, then you are endangering other peoples lives. If you're on a totally abandon highway (which never happens), then you're fine.
  8. well yea because when you're all alone in slam into a tree, it's nobody's fault but your own. You shouldn't be doing 85 down the highway dude. I buried a kid a year ago because his friend decide to go speeding down a road and drive the car through a wall and into a tree.

    If you wanna race, buy a video game.
  9. Well said. :hello:
  10. you aren't endangering the lives of others unless you cant control the car at the speeds you are driving at. Driving 40 in a 30 is speeding, but hardly puts anyones life at risk.
  11. Statistically it doesn't - that's why the limit would be that.

    If you want to go faster, than contest your local zoning board.
  12. HAHA....my friend had one of those on his Audi A8, but he still got pulled over because he was going 140. Got rid of the car the next week.
  13. Well in the U.S., chances are you'd still get fucked by radar if the laser didn't get you. And radar "jammers" don't work, they're a bullshit product if you read into them.

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