holy shit my friend's bail is 95,000

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. jesus christ he got 6 felonies all because he hit a parked car drunk as fuck.

    does anyone know
    how long he'll be in there
  2. until he raises $95,000?
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  3. yeah but i thought you could pay that
    or just do your time you know idk shh
  4. last i herd if u dont pay the bail, u sit in there till ur next court date which takes FOREVER!

    Its time to put up a house or look for a rich uncle. As long as ur friend goes back to court no one is loosing money
  5. What state was this in? I'm going with CA, their drunk driving laws are over the top.
  6. bail is ten percent you need 9,500
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  7. This with the 10%?

  8. right here ^

  9. you mean a bail bondsman will put up 95k for a 10% fee
  10. Damn! Sorry to say but your boy is fucked.
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  11. man none of you all ever been on bail huh?

  12. oh shit
    that's good to know if that's true.
    i did not know that thank you
  13. Which is basically you paying 10%..
  14. Unless he come up with the $95,000 or uses a bail bond service, he will be locked up until his court proceedings are over with. Sometimes you can plead with a judge and have it dropped to something more reasonable if he isn't at risk of bailing on his court date.

    Sounds like he's pretty much fucked. With 6 felonies from one accident he must have run and resisted because that's a lot for a simple drunk driving accident.

  15. yeah definitely ca. ahaha.

  16. correct, a fee is something you pay
  17. yeah he will be ok dank slap, if he does wind up doing a little bid make sure to write him and maybe throw some money on his books!
  18. and all that does is release you until the trial date

    either way you gotta be there and deal with the consequences, bail just lets you walk around for a couple weeks before the trial instead of waiting in the cell.

  19. he got "willful cruelty to a child" cause he was with an underage girl....
    he's only 18 himself though.
    he had a couple for drug related shit.
    and the drunkness thing...

  20. Damn. That sucks. Young and fucked ! No good :(

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