HOLY SHIT!@ (almost got shot/stabed/beaten) in big fight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tanksta, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Alright so my friend hits me up and says hes fighting a kid at the park tonight and that the kid that he was fighting was bring alot of guys so he wanted me to come along in case shit hit the fan. We roll up to this park and its already dark out side, we head out into this baseball field smoke a cig a wait...

    About 5 minutes later we see 3 cars roll up and a bunch of guys jump out with pipes and bats (probably a gun to) these are mostly a bunch of local drug dealers, but we couldent tell who exactly they where yet.

    So where like shit cuz were out numbered so we call up some more homies and they
    come. by this time the other group had started to walk out into another field and our friend yells "Hey what the fuck is going on?" they all turned around and i thought it was on, so we walk up to them and we realize that we know most of them haha

    So then they figure out that just my friend wanted to fight one of the guys with them so that goes down and we watch and have to all peace out quick when my friend knocked him out. he kneed him right in the face and it was over. pretty sick fight.

    Then we went back to his house and riped my other firends bong for a while and now im high writing this. sorry if it dident make much sense im high...:smoking: Cheers!
  2. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. if you had some of my ORGANIC PURPLE URKLE you wouldn't be getting in to little HIGH SCHOOL BULLSHit DRAMA. i grow clubshit, hence the name. want some?? pics that is.. you couldn't afford my shit.
  3. hahahahahaha +rep
  4. chronicman00 Is your avatar the dude from Bumfights? If so, thats fucking awesome. lol.
  5. Haha cool story bruno
  6. That's why I love the rep system....

    Crazy thread title + red bar = Not worth reading
  7. 976 posts and they havent figured out hes underage ;)

  8. Wow. I jsut realized that. lol. Thats pretty sad.
  9. cool story brah

  10. LOL. Great response.
  11. Plus rep man, your avatar picture is amazing. I am going to get Micky Ds breakfast in about T minus 18 minutes :hello:

  12. Dude typing all in capitals and bragging about your 'clubshit' is juevenille or 'high school' as you put it. Grow up and realise that no one believes you anyway and that being a asshole on the internet wont make your tiny shrivelled dick look any bigger ;):wave:

    End Thread/
  13. Edd, send me some British women. They make my "tiny shrivelled dick" bigger...:D
  14. K don't get pissed but this seems like a pretty decent story to me. I mean, compared to some of the crap that gets posted on here.

  15. i just uploaded, in caps no less, the shit i sell for 4000 dollars a pound to the clubs legally. Now what can you say no one believes me when two people have already given me props. And everyone sees my pics

    if you want a quarter pould 1500 dollars, an eighth 70 dollars. Can't afford it huh. Didn't think so

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  16. 70 an 1/8? Sir, you have lost your goddamn mind.
  17. So, who lives in california and wants to buy mor organic purple urkle and chemdawg. I don't think this little bitch who is talking shit does. Sorry bud, you don't make as much money as me.
  18. 70 an eighth, that's how much the club sells my shit for. Thanks buddy. C3 collective walnut creek cali
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    1. I dont know any clubs in the bay area that sell an 1/8 for more than 65, and 2. Youre a douchebag.:wave:

    Name-calling isn't cool here, man.. -JD
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