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Holy sh** the ghetto stuff is damn good!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LoveBudDaily, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. So I had enough of those fuckers in my neighborhood, you give them a call and they come after 2 hours and give you about 3 grams for 10 euros, and its not that good quality either.

    So a good old friend comes and tells me to go downtown for a street pickup.

    Immigrants on every corner of the street, looking for people to sell stuff. So we see one black guy (didnt even had to talk to him) and damn he had some awesome weed, with 6 euros i got a little baggy so compressed! Ive been rolling so many spliffs. You can roll about 10 medium spliffs, maybe more im not sure yet.

    And the stuff is fresh! Damn! No hassles, just saw the guy, talked to him, and BAM he had the stuff under a car.

    I know most of you dont really care about schwaggy weed, so it doesnt really matter if im gonna post pics soon, :p but what i wanted to point out is that you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars if for a half oz of some dank, when you can find no name ghetto shit for prices like this! If you have any financial problems i really dont see the point in spending all your money for expensive weed.:hello::hello: this weed is fricken awesome! and it smells good as hell too!:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. you sound like a square.
  3. #4 LoveBudDaily, Jan 8, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
    Im racist with retards. If after reading my post you understand that I am racist then good luck with your life.

    in greece immigrants happen to deal the ghetto stuff, because it comes from outside. he could have been an asian, a black, or an armenian, georgian or whatever. me pointing out that he was black was not said with any hatred, nor do i care. If I was racist I would be saying something like "i dont like buying from the ghetto cus the ghetto has all these blacks, and asians, and fuck them all...grah..."

    if by mentioning the word black makes me racist then wtf, i guess i am.
  4. Well I have had mids and very good shit and I would ALWAYS pick the dank. A much better high, a longer lasting one, and takes less to get me where I want. Now if you are getting dank for cheap then great. Mids for cheap isn't bad either but quality man yum
  5. I always tell ppl this....

    just cuz its sold at dirt cheap prices does not mean it wont be good weed.
  6. Quality > Quantity every time if you smoke on the daily.

    I refuse to spend money on anything less than high mids at this point, anything less doesn't even get me high just chill for like 30 minutes and I only smoke once a day or so now.

    Even if I cut back to once a week now that I've had such a long period of smoking and my body is so used to weed I still don't get high off poop.

    Think about this: It takes me about .3 to get RIPPED with some solid dank, if I smoke HIGH quality mids I smoke about .4-.5 and am unsatisfied but refuse to smoke more cause I know it won't make me any higher just more chill.

    I literally dome a gram to the face through my bong with standard all green regs/mids and get basically no effect.

    In summary, shitty weed in quantity can be alright if you smoke like once a week but if you really smoke, well, fuck that....

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