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Holy Mother Of Marijuana!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrGanjaMan805, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I just picked up 4 grams of GSC (girl scout cookies) and grinded it up. The smell was overwhelming :hello: omg i've never smelled a strain that smells this much like cotton candy and some kind of other spice i can't figure out. I haven't even smoked it yet and its got my mind racing. i've heard its super bomb :smoking: any one else ever had this?
  2. Haven't had any, but I'm waiting for some to come my way. I hear good things about it. :smoking:
  3. Haven't had it, but have heard good things. A lot of the dispensaries around me seem to charge $20/g for it just cause it's girl scout cookies. Always looks nice though, just kind of expensive considering you can get non-cannabis cup winner strains (of the same quality) for cheaper.

    you should post some pics, hopefully you didn't grind up all 4 grams haha
  4. i don't know what thin mints smells like. the high is much more mellow, i don't get that rush i get with other strains. got me tired quick too, real tired lol i smoked a bowl of this and then got called into work (oh shit!) but luckily the high was mellow enough so i was able to hide it.
  5. Thin mints are a mint chocolate Girl Scout cookie. Imagine one black side of an Oreo dipped in mint chocolate.

    GSC is also a fairly up and active sativa dominant high.

  6. i get tired lol
  7. Nice. If it is at all reminiscent of actual girl scout cookies that'd be sweeet
  8. very nice stuff my little brother got some of the first batch to hit the islands and i was quite impressed kind of a kushy berry smell going on there. not sure if it lives compltetely up to the hype
  9. i think it lives up to the hype. I really like the high on this one. and the smell is just amazing
  10. The ONE place in Seattle that purported to have it is like right out of the movie "Hostel" and the strain itself was a real letdown. No real smell at all. Probably an OG Kush phenotype that someone growing it decided to call Girl Scout Cookies because they were stoned out of their minds. It was all tiny buds that were dessicated and not cured at all. My search for the real GSC continues.
  11. It's around. Trust me. Hope you get to try it soon!

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