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holy hash blocks batman!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DojaCFR, May 4, 2011.

  1. So im outta weed, and outta work until may 20th, all I got is roaches, and im really not feeling Pest Control right now. Ill for sure be blazed out this weekend when I go to the Supervillains show, but dunno about making it until then without killing roaches..

    Then I was looking through my stash to find a one hitter for another thread and I came across this dense block of Hash that I got at the Rainbow Gathering back in Feb.

    When I say dense, I mean it we got it on V-Day, and smoked off of it until 420 (last time we smoked it) we usably scrape it and put it on bowls, which is likely why it lasted so long. But since im basicly dry. Im thinking im gonna break a chunk and smoke it. Hopefully end this unintentional T-break.

    Anyways just thought id share :)

    Well I keep trying to add a pic but the app keeps saying its crashing...weird

    EDIT: Well apparently it worked...three times lol my bad

    Attached Files:

  2. Will do thanx...

    Just gotta fig out how ima smoke it, like I said I usually grind it over a bowl of green, if I can find a screen ill smoke it like kief (hey..I prob got kief too....) but if not Idk, just burn a chunk in a deep bowl I guess (?)

    Either way today is looking
  4. hot knife it if you have another pair of hands around
  5. Naaa just me, im about to just put it in the bowl and chief...

  6. id put a screen or else you will end wasting half of it
  7. I ended up burning it in a lil glass, put a lil chunk at the bottom with some lil pieces, then smoked. Afterwards I took a little green I dug outta the teeth of my grinders and topped with a generous amount of keif.

    Needless to say im comfortably numb, gonna watch some history channel specials now... *toke*

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