holy fuxxxx guise have you been to this website

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  1. Google

    the picture today is awesome
  2. sure, it's cool and all, but it's far from the best thing Google has had as their letters
  3. that was cool

  4. whats the best
  5. cool starry bruh

  6. the one on 4/20 when the "l" was a blunt and the lowercase "g" was smoking it
  7. where can you see those
  8. wtf is a google?
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    pac man day
  10. can someone come up with the 420 google pic? :D
  11. damn, pretty cool man

  12. Rofl, I missed that. Sounds hilarious
  13. [​IMG]

    google's 4/20 logo back in 2009
  14. the E is intense.
  15. I guess i don't remember any 4-20 ones.. lol figures. But i did like the interactive pac man one quite a bit.

    This one is also pretty cool op.
  16. .....

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  17. Good god OP, how high are you?

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