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holy fuck banana kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highon, May 26, 2010.

  1. ok, so ive only smoked once and it was banana kush. the dealer had like a fucking ounce of it, which is crazy shit, and they got me waaaaay to high. I just wanted to come down it was terrible, but it was fun later. but man 4 hits of that shit is way to much
    on a side note that makes me feel retarted, does a happy can need a carb? i feel stupid but i gotta know
  2. Im assuming that you mean a pop can pipe. Please don't use them, they are terrible for you, get a rollie or a blunt wrap or something the aluminum can kill you. With that aside no you don't need a carb, though it can help if you want, when i did that one time I just made the place for pot , flattened it, and away she goes.

    I'm having trouble deciphering if you liked the banana kush. You said "you couldn't wait to come down" ??
  3. it was your only time smoking ever? mids can make you feel that way your first time. it's probably the fact that you got high for the first time that you felt this way, not what strain you were smoking.
  4. I think he means he was incredibly baked, and it was too intense (my first time was, but I don't even remmeber it now; never let the noob rip the 3 foot bong with dank :p)

    Anyways, no you do not need a carb, but you should definetly get a one hitter or something. Easy to take small puffs on and decide how much you want to smoke without wasting too much.
  5. i wanna see some pics of banana kush please.

  6. It cant kill you, but the continued use of it can speed up the oncoming of alzhiemers
  7. 1+1=2. Banana kush+pop can pipe=not banana kush. i remember when I first started smoking people would always say they had G13 lol. And we'd smoke it out of a foily or burn a J. Hopefully you and Mary hang out for years to come OP! :p
  8. haha op can't get banana kush, he's smoking filthy mids
  9. Not gonna lie but its probably wasnt BK if it was your first time smoking.

    Another thing, how do you know you where "too high" when it was your "first" time?

    Anyways enjoy that mary jane.
  10. im not 100% but im pretty sure it was bk
    and im pretty sure i was to high cus everyone i was smoking with said i was and it felt so freaky i never thought i was gonna feel right again but i guess idk
  11. No, but you should make something more efficient than a "cannie" like a parachute or gravity bong. Look up tutorials for either of those on Youtube.
  12. ya thats pretty much it, it acctually smelled like bananas too
  13. yep, mine did as well, that was part of a 9.6 gram nug of it
  14. wow thats a lot of bk
    i need to get out and get some more idc if its bk as long as its not shwag

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