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  1. i never even knew there were resources about this, till i saw the thread yesterday. this is something i discovered without intention, and ill tell you how it happened for me. (i was high on weed and lortabs my first time to let yall know, but these arent required)

    if you want to try:

    stay up realllllll late. lay down with a book on your chest.

    if youre like me youll zone out after a while and start looking at the book like a magic eye, cuz you dont want to go to sleep but you dont want to read anymore. if you stare (you can blink tho) for long enough the words will start jumping around and moving kaleidoscopically. (round and round).

    this is the first step. i really dont know how to describe it, but i guess "let colors come to you". once the words and images are swimming focus a 2 inch picture in the middle of you vision about arms length away from you (which would be upon the surface of the book. the black and white of the pages helps you distinctly "know" when the colors start to come).

    everyone has a different aura, just ask any hippy or fortune teller, so i truly think everyone perceives different colors. my main colors are mostly green and purple. sometimes there's a figure dancing once the colors have stayed there for a while. actually i normally see a figure or something dancing in the center of my vision.

    edit: i forgot the best part. once you see the colors start to dance, now is the time try to control them and mold them and really play with your third eye. its such a great mind expanding exercise, no substance required.

    this is not something you "try" to do, you have to let this come to you and be patient.

    if you have never done hallucenigens, its hard to expect whats gonna happen, and therefore very hard to control your mind to percieve these things. ive been doing this for six months, and ive had extensive experiences with hallucinigens, so dont despair. im just now only controlling auditory hallucinations, but its still a cool thing.

    i cant wait to be back in class next fall and be able to "trip out" without being fucked up.

  2. Sounds like an elaborate version of what I do every day. I've never really noticed, though.

    I'll try this sometime, thanks.

  3. dude its called completion, a phenemon that occurs when your eye completes every image that you eye because the blind spot doesnt reflect light you eye completes the image, but if you put it in your blind spot it will disappear and in your case doing it continually might cuase you to lose focus and for the words to move

    just an optical illusion thats all
  4. Brother, what he's talking about is no optical illusion.
  5. close....except not. a few people pmed me about this so i wrote it.

    its not an optical illusion, did you read the part about me controlling auditory hallucinations? im working my way up to controlling a full blown trip at will.
  6. I think you might be inducing synasthesia, which is the overlapping of certain senses into others (e.g. on lsd seeing sounds, and hearing colors). Synasthesia happens to a certain number of people naturally. For example certain people, in their heads, associate certain sounds or letters to certain colors, and those who are affected strongly will see letters "tinted" their corresponding color when they see the letter out of the corner of their eye for example.
    This sometimes happens to me when im falling asleep. When I breath in, the sound produced carries a much longer wavelength than when I breathe out, and I associate this long wavelenght to a fat puffy object, and a short wavelenght to a skinny stickly object. So sometimes ill be falling asleep, and as I breathe in I feel like my body is fat, short and swollen, and when I breathe out I suddenly feel extremely tall and skinny.

    Wikipedia has some interesting reads about synasthesia you'd probably like.
  7. Scoobz reply! I know you're on the board right now!

  8. your sig is fuckin crazy dud e im trippin nuts and i was zoned out staring at it for like 20 minutes

  9. Thanks :smoke:

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