Holotropic Breathwork - Tripping Without Drugs

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by flower_child, May 30, 2006.

  1. Anyone ever heard of this? Every website I looked at (there were a lot of them) said that it puts you into a state of conciousness very comparable to LSD. It is used for spiritual healing and things like that, but, is trademarked, so theres no instructions anywhere; just workshops. Check it out and let me know what you think. *edit* if you ever saw that episode of mission hill where the girl has that spiritual journey....I get the impression it's supposed be something like that. (maybe thats what she was doing on the show idk)http://www.holotropic.com/about.shtml http://www.naturaltherapyhealth.com/Breathwork_/Holotropic_Breathwork

  2. it looks like meditation or tantra like ideas. i would try it but they are trying to sell it so i cant do it without going to a class or purchasing tapes. so therefore i dont trust it one bit.
  3. dude i do this all the time. flowerchild pm me if you want to know about this. its pretty cool.

    ive finally started to control auditory hallucinations (as in lock myself in that level)

    theyre real fucking hard, visual hallucinations are the first thing you figure out.

    dude i cant wait till the day i get a body buzz on whim.
  4. I'd love to learn more.
  5. i have reach auditory and visual control already, been doing it for awhile now. this idea is'nt foreign to me. kind of a change in one's perception really, facinates me every time its discussed.

    have tried before, but failed unfortunately.
  6. can you guys share how you're able to do that? I've heard about this before as well, but a red-flag goes up in my head anytime someone tries to sell spirituality for $$.
  7. personally i dont belong under the spirtual aspect of holotropic users, i run my experiences under the standard format of an operating shell. but, heres some reading material that might help.

    holotropic sites:


    basic meditation site:

    this will help focus your attention towards your goals:

    all i can say further is, everyone has to find a way that works for them. you can never be handed this gift, GL with your travels.

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