"Holmies" create fan pages in support of alleged Aurora theater gunman

Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Source: Denver Post

    Eh..you just have to deal with people like this welcome to the internet.
  2. It's no different now than it was then, now we just have the internet.

    As the great Alfred would say to Batman; "Some people just want to watch the world burn.":cool:
  3. fuck yea where can i join the facebook page??
  4. All serial killers get fans, its the way of the world. A sick world, but it is what it is. I haven't seen any of these FB pages, but I wonder what kind of justification these supporters could possibly have. I just find the fact that he's got any support to be really disturbing.
  5. It is kind of a "Martyrdom" syndrome...The same reason Manson had and probably still has people writing him, some people, for whatever reason...Just see what they did as "Good."

    But then we're getting into a grey area of the mind, how things are constituted as "Good" and who makes the determination...This could get really, really long.:cool:
  6. A lot of them are just stupid teenagers following a new fad. BOLO for any kids wearing flannels and drinking slurpees with "Holmie 4 lyfe" written on their notebooks. They only have 2 brain cells and being in the same vicinity as them will have devastating effects on your minds.
  7. 7 billion people on earth, 90% of them are dumbasses.
  8. BOLO? WTF is BOLO?
  9. My thoughts exactly lol.
  10. I thought their stance is that James Holmes shouldn't die because he's a human too?
  11. [quote name='"J_Dawg"']

    BOLO? WTF is BOLO?[/quote]

    Be On the Look Out
  12. I might feel sorry for him if Universal buys the movie rights and casts Carrot Top to play him.

    Wait...no...that's a lie, he'll still be a piece of shit...
  13. [quote name='"J_Dawg"']

    BOLO? WTF is BOLO?[/quote]

    Haven't you ever watched NCIS???
  14. Lol trolls.
  15. NCIS? WTF is NCIS?

  16. SHitty television show that is even worse than the show it ripped off.

  17. That's an accurate depiction of most modern television. :cool:
  18. im sure charles manson would/has facebook fan pages:rolleyes:
  19. Taking trolling to a whole new level.:laughing:

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