holly shit !

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. now theres 4 members awake before noon ,here on grasscity ,dont figer! they must of ran out of weed last night and got up to go get some that must be it ,lol
  2. Actually it's 11pm here, a huge storm just crossed over the city. Now it's really humid and I don't feel like sleeping. Bit on the stoned side but,....had to have a smoke and watch the lightening for awhile. Cool show.
  3. one of gods greatist ,i love watching that show my self cool a!
  4. Its 10 am here and I got baked as hell last night. I just feel guiltly if i sleep late. Less time in the day to get baked =)

  5. always make shure you are fully baked! we wouldnt want anyone half done members, would we! lol
  6. I'm suspended until wednesday so my dad wakes me up at normal school time everyday as a punishment.
  7. good for him! you need to get you r head out of the sand and take your schooling to heart kid whats going to happen toyou if he gets hert or dies ! i know you ll be some one in your familys pain in the ass !learn from your miss steak and get up on your own ,show him that your not lazy !what did you do any way ! let us here the goods kid ! and dont soft saop it to make your self look good ! stand on your own feet! hup to when i say that and smile little girlie!
  8. You can get the whole scoop in the general section under the worst day of my life.
  9. no your not ! you just had tolearn there is a time and place for everthing! now you see that wasnt it!lol next time go to school freash and sharp,keep that shit out of your locker that wasnt smart gal,next you bit the big one this time dont make the same miss steaks ,there a lot more miss steaks out there just waiting for you!lol do the time help around the house till you go back to school,eat light and good foods in the morning they well keep you going till after school thin remember to pick your times to smoke not just light up ever secound! you may need some new friends or stand away for some time ! but remember to jump out of the fire before you try to light it again gal sound good ! good luck tazz11

  10. Thanx for the advice. I'll remember that. I really stepped in some shit this time, but i definatly learned my lesson. Luckily I have kept up on my homework so i'll be able to jump right back in and not fall too far behind.
  11. good for you and you make your own path never forget it! set a few easy goals for the next week, next thing you know, your a doctor makeing $140,000 a year, your the only thing between it and you, good luck tazz11

  12. I'm trying to make the best of it. I figured it out and by not smoking weed for two months I will save $160, I should lose some poundage too, because I won't have the munchies all the time. Another good thing I got out of this is the fact that I know who my real friends are now, you know?
  13. yes i know ! you have your hole life ahead of you but on the same hand you need to start your come back as soon as you can save the frist $10 and the rest well fall in to place if you push your self to be truthful to your self !weight takes time slowly work for what you want! 1 lbs at a time!you have a great spirit and looks are not as great as honisty wisdom on time clean and happy or at lest well to smile in your life! its a path and step by step set goal forward and remember those you have reached! i know a women that wears the same close year in and out ,she dose have a big house and she still works ward at 68 ,she has not missed work in 27 years not one day! shes my best friend ,but she is very happy in her life,and live the life she always want to ,a small cottage that over looks the woods and feilds of her youth ! she came from a poor honist hard working family ,she has 7.4 million in the bank now, not one dime was given to to her !she showed me how to live happy ,money dosnt run are lifes and dont let the buck run your!you can set a path and make your self a winner to! its up to you,i walked away from my own gang a gang i started from the bottom ! to day their are 8 left out of 37 we that walked away lived,it hard to change but its well worth it in the long run ! good for you ,remember step by step! good luck tazz11

  14. I totally agree that money isn't everything. After all, if I thought that I would probably have more than $2.35. *lol*

    As for the weight thing, they say the last five are the hardest to lose, but i'm not too concerned about it. Five pounds aren't gonna kill me.

    Your friend sounds like an amazing person. I admire people with that kind of ambition and I hope that I will get some myself, someday.
  15. you may not know it yet but youll go far in this world dont laugh i started with .37 cents and its in a picture frame,and i was thinking .35 cents is a place to start for you, its not the lenght of the trip or the way of the path ,its only weather you well start the frist step! i started mowing lawns and shoveling drive way ,i remember a fine old lady,named holly, she had a 40ft long drive way and no one wanted to do it ,it was hard and she only paid $3.00 every one else would laugh at her, me being a softy said i cannt take watch her do the drive way by her self, she had to be almost 70 .well it snowed hard and i went there frist when i could have gone for the easy money, i did the drive way and she saw the other boys makeing fun of me ,days went by and i never miss a day ,not spending my money on gunk i saved it and got the best shovel money could by,one day in the summer i went to cut her lawn ,she new it was my birthday and the other kids wanted me to play base ball but i would not leave even on my birthday till i finished it! she saw them makeing fun of me again this time was not the same her husband had died the winter before ,she smiled at me and gave a letter and $3.00 in front of my friends and told me to keep the letter and open it only when i got home. i went and played ball the letter folded in my pocket when i got home my mom asked me about the letter i had for goten about it ,i opened it and their was a check for $5,000 dollars i was in shock i didnt know what to think ,i wanted to give the money back it was saterday night and i would not bother her on sunday i went to school that monday and when it got out i went to see her but she had died that sunday and they were there with a coriner,and some of the family members, i was heart broken ,she had died of cancer and she had only been give a mouth or two to live,she didnt say any thing about it to me ,i never knew,latter that day it came out in the paper she was a multi millionary ,i still have the letter ,on the back it said" thank you for all you have done !i wish you the best,good luck "! yes a few have made fun of my closeing the same words but i know what they mean,and why i use them,i put the money in the bank at 9 years of age i have never spent a penny of it,it was a hard lesson to learn and days after her death other women were calling me some 25 or so, they said she had wrote them all letters tilling them i was honist and she would be glad to speak for me any time! any time! yes start with that .35 cents think postive and take the frist step!think about what you want and how to get it ,honistly it is far more rewarding that way .even if your friends dont think so! good luck tazz11
  16. from reading your posts, it sounds to me you have lead an amazing life and have had many positive influences who have given you good advice. It is cool to see you in turn giving the same good advice to other people.
  17. I just like reading what you guys say. My little life just isnt that interesting.

  18. i could be setting in a office working for money ,respect and many other reasons but i had not been out of my home sence 1987 very few times have i left ,but i tryed yahooka there as well as here, i see the fear of the wise ,whats he want ,whys he here,he has so much why come here ,well many hide, i dont! i wish some day i could open my libary to the members of the two sites, i like the most! i thaught of posting pictures ,from books on the art or pics .put i dont know how and frist i want to learn more about the sites as well as the members.i want to know their spirit ! thats a true wealth ,souls! if you learn nothing other than that from me know this ,your spirit is yours and yours alone, make it as you would a peice of clay , it is only to see how well you mold it in to what you want your self to become !good luck tazz11
  19. if there is life it has meaning! and you are young and this is your time little one, teach your self to learn the ways of learning ,this alone can give you every thing you wish for in time!read and learn ,weather its on the computer or a book ,we well try to even have fun along the way !life is to be lived and here we are with in the day of are awakening!... good luck tazz11

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