Holla At Me What It Do What It Is?!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by EuphoriaRed, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. What up yow. I'm not really new to this site, just new to the forum. I bought a madd nice bong from here about a year ago. Just saying what up and seeing if anyone from here lives in the US? If so send me a private message or some shizzle. Iiiight, stay burning.
  2. chillin...what it do
  3. theres prolly a lot more people on here that r from the US than u think
  4. ^ Where'd that come?

    hey welcome man
  5. welcome to the city!:wave:
  6. Welcome to the City! :wave:
  7. welcome to the city!:wave:

  8. welcome
  9. im lovin the pic man, Welcome To The City

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