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    Holi Seeds are giving away (at no cost to you) 5 vouchers for a pack of Nirvana cannabis seeds of your choice incl. shipping at the end of this month.

    Please post a clickable link to your favorite seeds from our website www.holiseeds.com and we will at random pick 5 people who will each get 1 voucher for a pack of Nirvana seeds. So if we get i.e. 100 posts then we will have a random number generator pick 5 numbers from 100 posts or 5 from 200 posts etc.. If the number generated is one of our posts, then we'll pick another number.
    The voucher is only valid for the kind of Nirvana cannabis seeds that you put a link to. We will show the winners as the last post and we will PM them as well for the voucher code.

    You can post multiple times, but you have to wait 10 posts before you can post a clickable link again. So if your post is #2 then you can post again at #13. When posting too soon, that post will be stricken and you have to wait another 10 posts.

    If we need to add another rule, we will. I hope not [​IMG]

    Good luck!
    Example: http://www.holiseeds.com/ak-48-pack-of-10-seeds.html
  2. Can't go wrong with a mix :) awesome comp btw

  3. Did my link not work?

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