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  1. I'm starting to dig holes for some plants I'm going try to and grow this year (Yes I know I'm a little behind schedule) and I was wondering just how deep and wide I should be digging. The dirt I'm digging in is quite rocky and very hard so unless It's absolutely necessary I don't want to have to spend the time chipping slowly away at the dirt. I read on another forum that cannabis roots only grow to a depth of around 16" inches and I was wondering if there was any truth to that. If I'm wrong please let me know how big you think I should dig my holes (I'm digging with a shovel and a pick ax).

  2. generally for every foot the plant grows tall u can expect 1 foot of roots underneath it. Obviously the roots can use up more lateral space and what not but i'd dig about 2.5 foot wide holes and 5 feet deep or so. i did that last year around this time and it worked just fine.
  3. I'm not sure I will be able to dig 5 feet deep. Could I make up for my lack of depth by making the hole wider?
  4. Well when you consider that most people grow indoors with a 5 gallon bucket you honestly only really need about that size dug out. Once the plant begins to mature and root growth expands you can more than likely guess the roots will be able to get through the surrounding soil if need be.
  5. no need to go 5 ft deep 2 ft sould be fine also 2 or 3 ft wide would be good the plants do tend to root out allot vs. deep if in clay mix the mix in with the native soil so it will break through the clay when the roots come to it or else u may become root bownd even if u plant directly in the dirt just my 2 cents gl
  6. do u know how deep 5ft is? i mean have u really ever dug down 5ft?
  7. The thought alone of digging a hole 5 feet deep was starting to make me sore.

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