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Holding in smoke affects memory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thcartoonvision, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I noticed that when I hold in smoke for 10 to 15 seconds, i get a very confusing high with extreme memory loss and paranoia. Everything is like a dream and I keep feeling like i just woke up from a dream every few seconds. It is also scary. The euphoria is mostly unnoticeable because of the memory problems.

    If I hold the smoke for 3 seconds like most people recommend, I get a very euphoric high that makes me feel amazing with little to no memory loss.

    Another strange thing is that if I hold it in I get more of a body high.

    I read this post from another forum, I think it might have something to do with this, "Cerebral hypoxia (Hypoxic encephalopathy) can be caused by asphyxiation caused by smoke inhalation. Therefore holding smoke in the lungs or taking too big of a hit can cause this. In fact it has happened to me. I blackout completely knock my bong over and then a few seconds later I wake up with my head ringing and my body slightly shaking and wondering where i am. then a few seconds later i begin to realize what happened and realize that i have no idea what just happened. It is insane. But it can cause death if you don't start breathing good enough quickly. Luckily I have!"

    Does anybody know whats causing this?:confused:
  2. I think I've noticed similar effects too. For me, it's about how I feel at the time. If I'm in the mood for some trippy shit, I hold it in longer, and get the no memory kind of high..if I just wanna have a good time, without changing stuff too much, I'll hold it in for 3-5 seconds and just get the euphoric high lol
  3. no your just suffering from brief oxygen deprivation. the condition your talking about applies to people stuck in burning buildings and stuff. prolonged exposure. you just need to breath more/deeper
  4. That's caused by oxygen deprivation. If you hold your hits for a long time, less oxygen gets to your brain which slows it down and you feel higher/more confused/heavier.
  5. So, holding your breath under water will make you confused/high/heavy?
  6. why under water? lol. yes holding your breath can give you "high" effects but its not good for you
  7. Happened to me as well, but I only held for about 2 seconds. I was trying to force the smoke to the very bottom of my lungs. My vision blacked out, fell over and got up just fine (fun, in fact) in about 1 second. What could have caused this? Like I was using my inner muscles to force my lungs around, but what could that have done?

  8. So you get high when you swim?

    I don't see how holding your breath for 5 seconds gives you oxygen deprivation. Makes absolutely no sense.
  9. done repeatedly without good breaths in between absolutely. and no, part of learning to swim is learning how to breath effectively and maximize lung capacity so you can hold your breath longer. try swimming but instead of air your breathing in its smoke
  10. [quote name='"qazdawg"']

    So you get high when you swim?

    I don't see how holding your breath for 5 seconds gives you oxygen deprivation. Makes absolutely no sense.[/quote]

    when you hold your breath while swimming your lungs are full of air.
    when you hold your hits in your lungs are full of smoke.

    I'm sure that must have something to do with it..
  11. 10 to 15 seconds can do it though, especially after inhaling smoke.:cool:
  12. Maybe its the carbon monoxide in the smoke.
  13. [quote name='"qazdawg"']

    So, holding your breath under water will make you confused/high/heavy?[/quote]

    Op said 10-15. Without exhaling thats a decent amount of oxygen used up. Furthermore the air is displaced from your lungs when you smoke.
  14. I usually hold my bong hits for 10 seconds. My joint/blunts for about 3. Pipes 5.
  15. I hold vapor for 10-15 and play with it.. Smoke is 5-7 seconds for me. Sometimes longer but i see no difference. The last 10-20% of my hit is regular air so idk.
  16. Bump........................
  17. You just need to take shorter tokes until you build up tolerance. Lung capacity for weed is something you don't just start with.

  18. Thats not true at this party this kid I knew never toked before and hit a bong bowl we were all sharing, no one was looking and the motherfucker smoked a fully(like .5-.7) packed bowl all at once saying he saw it on youtube videos hahahahahaha great night.:smoke:
  19. Well, some people don't get high the first time they smoke either. I didn't. Smoked a full gram with a dude my first time and didn't feel anything.

  20. Ive been smoking for quite some time so its not that, and my lungs can hold extreme amounts of smoke.

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