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    They are supposed to be serving the interest of the people (that means you and me) , not a small minority in law enforcement who want to keep their tanks and other drug money perks

    Oregon Attorney General John Kroger Charged With Professional Conflict Of Interest | The Weed Blog


    The police want to keep their tanks
    Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America | Radley Balko | Cato Institute: White Paper

    And kill innocent Oregon citizens in the paramilitary style raids they have adopted since the "drug war"
    Man shot by Washington County tactical officers was armed, thought intruder was on his property, family said | OregonLive.com

  2. Now if we can get some sort of criminal charges against Christie and Jan Brewer for their shannanigans and program delays. Oops, almost forgot a guy named Paul Chabot who is on a local crusade here to run dispensaries out of town.

  3. Paul Chabot for State Assembly

    Translation:Hi, my name is Paul Chalbot and I want our reurning veterans to suffer without cannabis for their PTSD because my parents did not supervise me properly when I was 12 and I blame drugs because I am still too immature to deal with my actual issues.
  4. Oh, I guess you can see why he's not one of my favorite people. :mad:

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